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The question seems to be answering a question more than seeking an answer.Is there discrimination in sports? There are some incredibly talented black atheletes in Basketball and football. They play the sport well and are paid well for their efforts. Should it be any different? If you are complaining because there do not seem to be enough whites, Hispanics or asians, perhaps you should just recognize that maybe the blacks who make it into pro sports are motivated and talented. Is that discrimination?The Williams sisters made it big in tennis. Is it because they are black or is it because they are good?Explain where the discrimination is and perhaps it would be possible to discuss the individual issues, but a flat statement like the one you posted, is evidence of poor understanding about the way life is.

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When did discrimination in sports start?

There has always been discrimination in 'sports' . -If a winner looked, sounded or acted differently to the norm, someone was sure to object and discriminate.

What is the law that forbids gender discrimination in sports?

Title 9

What is the name of the law that forbids gender discrimination in sports?


Is sex discrimination same with the gender stereotyping?

No. Discrimination is the action made based on a negative gender stereotype. Thinking that girls are bad at sports is a stereotype. Not letting them join your team is discrimination.

Is there Racial discrimination in sports?

Yes there is racial dicrimination on sports, many of them happen in sports that include different cultures like Africa and many other cultures and ethnicitys!

What has the author Sylvain Lake written?

Sylvain Lake has written: 'Le cauchemar olympique' -- subject(s): Anabolic steroids, Biography, Discrimination in sports, Doping in sports, Olympics, Runners (Sports)

What has the author David Pannick written?

David Pannick has written: 'Sex discrimination in sport' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Sex discrimination in sports 'Judges' -- subject(s): Judges

Can you play high school sports with an felony?

Yes there should be no type of discrimination among the school system.

Discrimination in sport?

There's been discrimination in sports. Like in the 1940's baseball was discriminated with the black people [ Jackie Robinson was black, but he broke the "color barrier" with the help of Branch Rickey- Manager for Brooklyn dodgers], in America early 1900's in sports there were many sports discriminated. So you should go to the library and check up on books.

What has the author Salvatore Carlino written?

Salvatore Carlino has written: 'Title IX' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Sex discrimination in sports, Sports for women, United States

What is overt and covert discrimination?

Overt discrimination is when the discrimination is obvious. Covert discrimination is when the discrimination is more hidden and not as out in the open.

How does institutional discrimination differ from individual discrimination?

Discrimination in any form is discrimination. Individual discrimination is discrimination of one person against a group. Institutional discrimination would be a institution totally and wholly discriminating against a group or sect.

What is covert discrimination?

Covert discrimination is hidden or subtle discrimination. It is opposed to overt discrimination, which is open and obvious. .

Provision of the 1972 Education Amendments that prohibited gender discrimination and opened sports and other arenas to women?

Title IX of Education Amendemt

What problems do women who take part in traditional men's sports face?

discrimination, and your treated like a joke but prove them wrong and you will be taken seriously!

What has the author Cheryl Roberts written?

Cheryl Roberts has written: 'South Africa's struggle for Olympic legitimacy' -- subject(s): Discrimination in sports, Olympic Games (25th : 1992 : Barcelona, Spain) 'Sport in chains' -- subject(s): Sports and state, Prisoners, Sports

When did discrimination end?

How does protective discrimination helps to protect from social discrimination?

Protective discrimination helps to protect from social discrimination in the sense that it stops discrimination, or attempts to stop it, before it can even happen.

What is inadvertently discrimination?

Inadvertent discrimination

When did women begin playing sports?

Title IX was enacted in 1972. This act prohibited discrimination against females in any federal financially assisted programs, including athletics. Women have played sports longer than this, but this legislation really changed the landscape of interscholastic and intercollegiate sports.

How can you stop discrimination?

How did the Sikhs stop discrimination

What part of speech is discrimination?

Discrimination is a noun.

Antonym of discrimination?

An antonym of discrimination is indifference.

How discrimination can best be challenged in the workplace?

Illegal discrimination can be challenged by following the employer's published discrimination and harassment complaint policy. Legal discrimination cannot be challenged.

What is an example of a sentence with the word discrimination?

discrimination must be ended. discrimination can hurt many great minds.

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