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in a bldg. with a propane buffer being used untuned can the fumes be hazardous


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Whilst in theory, both are a gas given off by an object. A fume is commonly associated with noticeable gas excretion, for example: a chemical reaction. An odour is associated with a smell, for example: flatulence.

Chlorine is produced in a fume cupboard because it is a poisonous gas. In WW2 or WW1, Chlorine Gas was used as a gas attack which killed soldiers. Strong Chlorine Gas can poison you so it has to made in a fume cupboard so the scientists don't die!

if u can smell gas or see smoke

To avoid toxic gas chlorine and explosive gas hydrogen.

It is a colorless, ODORLESS, gas. It has no discernible smell.

LPG does not have any smell that is gas.

If you have a motor other than the car such as a lawn mower in the trunk it smells. Also if you just got gas it smells.

i smell gas fumes in 96 Nissan quest

Static electricity can create a very tiny spark that can burst the gas fume into flames.

Natural gas has a smell added so that if there is a leak people will be able to smell it.

Your truck may smell like a number of things when you accelerate if you have a leak in the ventilation system. It is possible to smell burning motor oil, gas, windshield washer fluid and other things.

Absolutely not. If there is a strong smell of gas at the meter, call the gas company.

The word "fume" generally implies a gas. The only common exception I know of is in the two word phrase "silica fume", which is sometimes used for very fine solid silica particles that have been prepared by a process including a step of passing silica through a fume stage. Such solid material is preferably called "fumed silica".

why do my spark plugs smell like gas but the conductor is dry just the threads smell like gas and are also wet

No. Not unless you want it to smell like gas, or purposedly spray gas on parsley.

is by reacting it with chlorine so that you will have ammonium chloride as your product, that will have a white fume

Mercaptan is the strong additive smell in natural gas.

If you smell gas in your house. Get out as fast as possible and call your local utilities company.

A gas called mercaptan is added which contains sulfur and has a foul smell. Adding this gas allows people to smell when there is a natural gas leak. If you find this strong smell in your house you should get out and call the Fire Dept. immediately.

For you to smell something it has to get to your nose be it gas, liquid droplets or dust, which dissolve in our noses or transmit their smell on some other way eg. methane is a gas and we can smell it, lemon juice is a liquid which we can smell, and powderd sulphur is a solid which we can also smell.

If the gas produced is harmful, one should use the fume hood when conducting the reaction.

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