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Not sure if this is it or not, but on my 97 with the hydraulic assist, there was a sensor that went around the steering arm just before it went through thr firewall (inside). This tells the hydraulics how much assistance to give. Follow the steering arm right up to where it goes through the firewall and pull back the carpet. The sensor will be located here with an electrical pigtail connected to it. When I changed mine, I pulled the steering arm out from under the hood, swapped the sensor out from the inside and put the steering arm back in. Definately takes 2 people.

2006-11-07 00:47:37
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What Steering gearbox 5.9 1500 2002ram?

what steering gearbox is for a 2002 ram 1500 5.9? A 2002 Ram 1500 has rack and pinion steering.

How do you adjust the steering free play in the gear box on a mack truck CX613?

If the gearbox is causing freeplay in the steering wheel, then the gearbox needs to be replaced.

Rebuild a 1986 Toyota steering geer box?

86 toyota pickup steering gearbox problem

What is the name of the piece under a car that makes the card front wheels turn and how do you fix it?

I don't know about making the "CARD" front wheels turn, but the steering gearbox, or the rack and pinion actually cause the "car" front wheels to turn, after the steering wheel is turned. Repairing either usually involves replacing with either a rebuilt, or new gearbox or rack and pinion.

Where can I get a steering gear box for 1956 custom Royal?

Where can I get a power steering gearbox for a 1956 Dodge custom Royal

What has to be done on 2007 Chevy hhr if power steering doesnt work?

A diagnosis has to be done to determine what the cause of the issue is, then the repair is made accordingly. Could be as simple as replacing a belt or a power steering filter, it it could go up to replacing the steering gearbox. You're asking a question to which there is more than one possible answer.

What are the components of the car?

The engine, a chassis, the transmission and gearbox, the brakes, the steering, and the frame

What are the different types of steering mechanisms?

two types I am aware of are rack and pinion and gearbox.

How do you fix a power steering fluid leak between the Pitman arm and steering gear on a 1994 Ford Ranger?

either rebuild or replace gearbox.

How do you fix a 1990 dodge ram van steering?

Depends what you mean by fix? What is the problem? Is there a lot of "looseness" in the steering? Does the vehicle wander and follow road ruts? Is there too much steering gearbox freeplay? You have to be more specific. Anyone of the steering linkage ball joints can be worn out. The steering gearbox can be adjusted to have minimum free play. The shaft connecting the steering gearbox to the steer wheel can have worn spleens. It could be anything. Suggest you check the steering gear box cover bolts for tightness, and then adjust the excess freeplay out of the gearbox. If the doesn't help, then have someone shake the steering wheel left and right while you look at the steering linkages under the front end. The idler arms seem to wear out first, followed by the ball joints. If they appear tight, then there isn't much more you can check. The connection between the steering gear box and the steering column are no longer made. If that's worn, you'll just have to live with it or have a 4WD shop do a custom installation of some type of replacement.

How do you remove the gearbox arm on a 1996 Chevrolet 1500?

Ever try a steering arm puller?

Can a bad steering gearbox wear out your tires?

Yes, it will allow the wheels to move in ways they shouldn't

What could cause the power steering to go out on a Saturn Vue 2003?

Well, have you actually done any sort of diagnosis? If there's no fluid leak visible, and there's fluid in the reservoir, then you have either a faulty power steering pump or gearbox. So then you disconnect the line from the pump to the gearbox and run a pressure test on it.. if that checks out, then it's probably your gearbox.

The signs of a Bad steering gearbox?

Clunking/knocking sound felt though steering wheel and floor when turning and going over bumps at low speeds.

Where is transmission gearbox located on crown vic?

The steering gearbox for the Crown Victoria is connected to the vehicle's frame and is attached to the transmission. All gears for the transmission are contained within the transmission itself.

Help with replacing a clutch plate on a astra?

how old is the astra? but more importantly what engine and gearbox does it have? early engines with certain manual gearboxes you can change the clutch without removing the gearbox and subsequently saving about 4hours labour time. otherwise it is a gearbox outjob.

How do you drain the Automatic transmission fluid on a 1991 Honda Accord?

Open the drain screw at the bottom of the gearbox hydraulic fluid is discharged.

Is there such a thing as a gearbox on a 1997 Dodge Van E2500?

Yes, there is a steering gear that can be called a gear box.Yes, there is a steering gear that can be called a gear box.

How do you fix a ps fluid leak when its leaking from around the seal of the power steering gear?

Either buy a rebuilt gearbox and replace it, or buy a gearbox rebuild kit and follow the instructions to rebuild it.

How can you tell if the steering gearbox is going bad?

If it takes an abnormal amount of steering wheel movement to turn the wheels then chances are it is the steering gear box. Also check for bad ball joints and tie rod ends. Any steering linkages can be suspect.

The steering gear box of your 1995 Lincoln town car is leaking at the shaft what is the solution?

rebuild or replace gearbox.

How a triptronic gearbox in a car works?

1. It is called TIPtronic gearbox. 2. It is a combination between semi-automatic and automatic gearbox. 3. You have an option to change the gears with a lever on the steering wheel or with the gear lever (like semi-automatic gearbox) 4.It is called tiptronic, because you pull or push the tip of the lever in order to change gear

What is electric steering?

Electric steering, or Steer By Wire, is a means of steering a vehicle without a conventional steering column running between the steering wheel and the the steering gearbox/rack and pinion. Wikipedia says that it's use is extremely limited right now because of dependability issues. It is apparently used most on fork lifts and parts pickers.

What kind transmission fluid in ford 601 Workmaster?

That tractor does not use transmission fluid. It uses gear oil for the gearbox and hydraulic fluid for the lift.

How do you adjust the steering gearbox on a 1996 Chevy Tahoe?

The adjustment is on top of the steering box. Loosen the locking nut then tighten the bolt lightly. Over tightening will cause the box to be too tight.