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Why is there hip pain after back surgery?

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September 05, 2009 8:20PM

The spine holds all tissues and organs into place. When one has

back surgery they are sore so their body compensates to the most

comfortable position possible. Thus, you may walk to one side to

ease the pain or even hobble and this can create hip pain. I have a

callous on the ball of my right foot that I have to continue to

keep down because if I don't (doesn't take much to build up) I

notice that I am compensating and my left hip is out and sore right

down to my ankle. Once I have repaired it then I walk better and my

hip problem goes away. In your case after back surgery is could

take several weeks to several months before you can walk properly.

Try a walker if you aren't using one already and try to keep as

much weight off your hips as possible. Physiotherapy is good at

this time and usually doing so in a tepid pool of water is a good

idea as the body becomes buoyant and relaxes you and puts less

stress on your back, hips and legs while still strengthening them.

Hope you get better soon. This hip pain may be from the site which

they harvested bone from to create a bony fusion, but this is only

if you had a fusion surgery.

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