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Pressure is exactly equal to force divided by surface area. If that fact is true it is because the whole elephants weight (force) is spread out over four feet of relatively large surface area. A womans weight is only on her two (smaller) feet. If she leans on the back of her high heels all the weight (force) shifts to the tiny points of the stillettos. To find out how much more pressure is on the stillettos, just take the weight divided by the approximate surface area of the high heel. But since elephants weigh up to 13000 pounds, about 100 times what a woman weighs the heels would need to be (since only two heels to an elephants 4 feet) about 50 times smaller than an elephants foot to get equal pressure so it seems possible.

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Q: Why is there more pressure under a woman's stiletto high heel shoe than an elephants foot?
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