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Why is there no King of England right now?

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Because we have a Queen instead.

2009-12-13 22:31:51
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Who are the king and queen of England right now?

At the moment there is only a Queen, Queen Elizabeth II.

Is England ruled by a king right now?

England (Great Britain) has no King at this time- the Monarch is the Queen- Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. When she steps down as Queen, her son Prince Charles is in line to become King of England.

What was the name of the king of England at this time?


Does harry styles live in England now?

Yes he lives in England right now

Does Iran have a king right now?

no it doesn't have king . it now has a leader and a president.

Who is is the king of England now?

At this time England has a Queen (Elizabeth II). the last king was George VI, who died in the 1950s.

Who challenged the right of king of England?

Roger Williams

Does Guatemala have a king right now?


What is the Declaration of Independence actually to the king of England?

According to the Declaration of Independence, what has the king of England done?Taking away american right

How is Russia's relationship with England?

Russia's relationship with England is great right now.

Australia or England in cricket which is better?

In depends on what year but right now its England

Signed by King Charles I of England in 1628?

petition of right

Who is the king and queen of japan right now?


Is there a king in Egypt right now?

No there is a president.

Does england have a queen or a king?

Right now we have a queen here in England, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. The next 3 people in line for the throne are all men though, I think it could be 4 in line.

Where does john terry live right now?

in England

Do the New England Patriots rock?

Right now they do.

Why was William the Conqueror king of england?

King William I of England, at the time William II of Normandy claimed that King Edward the Confessor had appointed him as his successor as king of England. When King Edward was dying he proclaimed Harold Godwinson as king instead. William invaded England to claim the crown and defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings. He became king through right of conquest.

Is Tony Blair king of England?

No. He is now an ex-Prime Minister.

Why did the king of England get the colonists to pay the taxes?

it was his charter to the Americas he has the right

When was King Charles of England forced to sign the Petition of Right?


What was Harald Hardrada's claim in 1066?

Harald claimed that he had a right to the English throne. He was related to King Canute, the King of England from 1016-1032. Harald said this gave him every right to invade England.

Who was King James of King James Bible?

He was the King of England at the time who authorized the new translation of the bible (now known as the KJV).

How did Stephen King Die?

As of right now, he didn't.

Where is the olympic tourch right now?

king lyyn