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Check the ignition coil or the "pick up" located inside the distributor

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Q: Why is there no fire going to the distributor on my 1992 Plymouth Colt?
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Why is there no fire coming from the harness into the distributor on your 1992 Plymouth Colt?

this question should be listed under automobile repair

What causes the distributor not to fire to the spark plugs on a 1993 Plymouth colt?

A faulty ECM!!!

What is the towing capacity for a 1992 Plymouth colt vista?

Are you joking? The correct answer is 1 cooler of beer.

Where is the starter in a 1993 Plymouth Colt?

The starter on the 1993 Plymouth Colt is mounted on the back side of the engine (by the firewall), and below the intake manifold.

What could be the cause of a 1992 Plymouth Colt hitching and skipping even when idling?

unplug the TPS and see if it goes away if so it may need to be replaced

I Have a 91 dodge colt I have fire going to the distributor but not coming out to the wire or the plugs The distributor the cap and rotor are all brand new I replaced them after the car just died?

this question best served in the automotive section

What grade of oil does a 1994 Plymouth colt use?


Where is the Electronic Control Module on a 1992 Plymouth Colt?

I do know that the 1990 colt ECM is on the passenger side, right next to where your right foot would be. You just have to take off a plastic panel to reach it. If memory serves it's held on by a couple of 10mm bolts. The 1992 may be different, I don't know.

Where can you find the fuse diagram for a 1994 Plymouth Colt?

Public Library.

What might cause a 1992 Dodge Colt Vista Wagon 1.8 liter to have no spark Is the automatic shutdown relay a possibility or what?

you need a new distributor, its a very common problem with those cars

How do you install a distributor on a 1992 dodge colt?

Unbolt the two bolts on either side of the distributor. Disconnect the 2 lower electrical clips. Disconnect the upper clip. Slide distributor out, when re-installing it make sure the distributor "teeth" line up with the slot on the camshaft. Replug everything back in.also make sure it is on top dead centre on compression stroke or the timing will be way out!

A drivers side headlight assemby for a 1987 Plymouth colt e and cannot find one All the parts house show a sealed beam light and your colt takes a 1004 lamp Thanks?

I need a headlight assembly for 87 Plymouth colt e. drivers side

What is the Firing sequence 1990 Plymouth Colt?


Is there a points distributor that would replace the electronic ignition in a 90 colt 1.4?

No there is no points distributor for that year. Courtesy of the Garage Guru Consultant.

Where can you find a Slide stop for a colt pocket 9?

punch in colt gun parts on your computer and look at all the parts distributor people

1991 Dodge Colt how do you turn distributor to set timing?

unscrew the distributor pull it out about half way with the distributor cap off and turn the rotor clock wise to disired position

What is age of colt 45 revolver serial number 141119?

That Colt was made in 1891. Colt started with serial number144000 in 1992.

Where is the coil wires on a 94 dodge colt 1.5liter?

There is none. The coil is inside the distributor.

Where is the reset button for the fuel control on a 1987 Plymouth Colt E?

There isn't one.

What type of motor oil to use for a 1993 Plymouth colt vista?

5w30 or 10w30

Where is the fuel presser regulator located on a 91 Plymouth colt?

Try on the Injection Rail

How much is a colt 45 anaconda worth?

The colt Anaconda is worth 1,800.00 to 3,000.00 depending on shape and year. One between 1992 and 1995 that has had 100 or less rounds fired is going to fetch the most money.

Why is a 1992 Colt 200E still stalling after the distributor cap rotor fuel filter air filter plugs plug wires changed throttle body cleaned and the fuel injectors have been purged?

I have to answer this myself. I had a diagnostic test at a Dodge dealership. It took them a long time to find the fault, but it was in the distributor itself. Rather than pay 800 dollars, I got an auto wrecker employee to get a used distributor and he replaced it for only 120 dollars including parts and labor. Now my Colt doesn't stall anymore.

Where is the fuel pump for a 1992 dodge colt?

In the tank.

Where can you find a signal light for a 1994 Plymouth Colt GL?

I actually found one on ebay.