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Check the reset switch probably located on the drivers side rear in the trunk area. The switch may be corroded or shot.

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Q: Why is there no power to the fuel pump on a 1988 Ford Escort Pony?
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Can't be answered unless you explain what the are or are not doing. Please re-submit more descriptive question.

Where is located the inertia switch ford escort pony?

It's in the trunk on the right hand side close to the back seat. You'll see an open space on the carpet and it is right behind that.

How much transmissiion fluid do you add after changing the fluid on 1991 ford pony escort?

It takes 6.5qt when empty/new with no oil in the cooler, but if you just changing the oil it will take 4.5 qt.

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How do you adjust the fuel mixture on a 1989 Ford Escort Pony fuel-injected carburetor?

You can't. The computer controls the air/fuel mixture depending the information it receives from various sensors. If one of the information it receives is incorrect, this can affect the air/fuel mixture.

What is the 1990 Ford Escort pony instrument panel look like?

I have a 1989 Pony. If you want, I can take a picture of it. In the middle there's a speedometer, white numbers are the speed in MPH, the inner circle, the blue numbers are the speed in KMH. There's only one odometer, without trip. There're any other gauges, just warning lights. There's no tachometer.

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