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The Philippines are at a lower latitude and surrounded by a warm ocean, and the elevations aren't as high as Japan. If the temperature doesn't get near freezing, it won't snow.

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Q: Why is there no snow in the Philippines and snow in japan?
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Why the climate of Japan and Philippines are different?

The climates of Japan and the Philippines are different because Japan is located in the temperate zone and the Philippines are in the tropical zone. Thus Japan has 4 seasons like the USA. Japan has snow in the winter as example and the Philippines have warm weather year round.

Why is the climate of japan and the Philippines different?

Japan's climate is cold and expiriencing snow,while philippines climate is hot that's why it is expiriencing long summer and drought

How many years did the japan colonized the Philippines?

Actually japan did not colonized Philippines japan invaded Philippines for fuels

Which is bigger Philippines or Japan?

Japan is bigger than Philippines.

Is Japan north or south of the Philippines?

Japan is South-West of the Philippines.

Why is the climate of Japan not similar to the Philippines?

The climate of Japan is not similar to the climate of the Philippines because Japan is much further north than the Philippines.

Do they have snow in the philippines?

The Philippines are tropical, and unfortunately they do not get snow. Instead, what would be snow hits the warm climate and changes to a cold rain.

Are the climates of japan and Philippines are similar or different?

The climates of japan and philippines is different

Why there is no snow in the Philippines?

There is no snow in the Philippines because it is a hot, tropical country that is located near the equator. That plus the lack of any mountains that are high enough to get snow means that it just never gets cold enough for snow in the Philippines.

Does it snow in the philippines?


Does it snow in Philippines?


Compare the climate of Japan and Philippines?

c0mpare the climate of japan and philippines are they similar or diffirent

Why is it that you do not have snow fall in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a VERY HOT COUNTRY! It is located near the equator so no, the Philippines does not get any snow. Philippines is a tropical country, located above the equator. Because of this, Philippines do not get any snow. There are only two seasons in tropical countries like the Philippines; rainy and sunny.

Is Japan west of the Philippines?

No it is to the North of the Philippines.

What year did Japan take over the Philippines?

The year that japan took over the Philippines was 1942!

Who is richer Japan or Philippines?

Japan, by far.

What is further east Japan or the Philippines?

Japan :)

What volcano in Japan has snow on it?

Mount Usu is a volcano in japan that has snow on it. Hope that helps!

Which island is closer to Japan Australia Hawaii Philippines?

what island is closer to philippines is it japan autralia or hawaii

What are the differences between Japan and Philippines?

sa japan nanay mo sa Philippines tatay mo

What is your purpose in japan?

what is your plan in the philippines after working in japan

What are the differences between Japan's art and Philippines art?

japan have ukiyo-e and philippines have weaving

Is the climate in Japan is the same in the Philippines?

No. They don't have the same climate. But during summers in Japan, the climate is similar to Philippines.

When did the US acquire the Philippines from Japan?

The US did not acquire the Philippines from Japan, but from Spain. During World War 2 Japan occupied the Philippines, among other places, but were expelled by military force as part of the war.

Did it ever snow in the Philippines?

No But It Hailed

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