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The most obvious answer is that the water has been turned off outside the house. Typically, the water dept. does this if there's a billing problem.

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It depends on the way it is set up, normally the water is from the same source, but using water in the toilet for any purpose other that flushing is NOT recommended..

The faucet itself does not use any water. The rate at which the water leaves the faucet is dependent on the make of the faucet.

Anything connected to water pipes. Sink, faucet, toilet, shower and controls.

It's possible for the running water to wash it, but so would a kitchen faucet

Water from a faucet is water from your city water system.

I'm no plumber, but I would imagine that (if the hot faucet is giving you cold water) that the hot and cold pipes leading into the bathroom have been somehow switched.

where will you find towels,soap, and water faucet

The problem could be as simple as a clogged screen in your faucet. It also may be a low flow gasket which is in the faucet to reduce water usage. Has this alwys been a problem or is it a new problem?

actually these are oxidized minerals found in hard water you either need a water softener or a salting system

New pressure balance faucet or you can install a pressure balance valve in the water lines behind tub or if you have a crawl space you can install it on the water lines there. But install only too the lines to tub faucet. And they are not easy no matter where you install. I would just tell everyone not to use any water till you are done with shower.

Yes, some faucet water has bugs in it.

A lever in a bathroom can flush your toilet or open a faucet.

Water pressure at any point in a household system is the same. ie, if it's 50psi after your PRV, then it will be 50 psi at any faucet (unless that faucet is plugged up)

no, faucet water gets checked by health enspectors and water from the refrigerator is not checked. so, faucet water is healthier! who knew

You have a high iron content in your water. There are systems to correct this but there not cheap.

why do i have slow moving water from faucet. bathtub water comes out very slow and sink too

There was air in the line. When you turn off the water with the faucet running make sure you turn it back on with the faucet open. That will release any air caught in the lines. That faucet shut with one on a lower floor on and restoring water does not work. Fast and easy. 1. turn on affected faucet 2. shut off water 3. turn water back on 4. faucet should be running smoothly now

There is a ball or cartridge in the faucet that diverts the water to the sprayer when you use it. These can become stuck from minerals in the water. You can take it apart and put some CLR or full strength toilet cleaner in it and let it sit for a while. The toilet cleaner can cause burns so be careful with that. Slowly turn the water on just a bit to flush out the cleaner and reassemble. Turn the water on, Hot, hold the sprayer and tap the side of the faucet at the base of the spout with the handle of a table knife or similar weight metal. The vibration may cause the ball to release.

It might mean that there is air in the line. Maybe install a water hammer.

If the sprayer hose screws onto the faucet, you can get a cap for that fitting. If it pushes into the faucet, I do not believe there is any plug available for that type. You have to have something on the hose fitting or water will come out when you turn the faucet on.

"Faucet" is the American name for a water tap.

Probably pockets of air in the plumbing. Do you have hot water radiators for home heating ? If so, you must bleed the air out of the units and the main boiler.

Faucet water evaporates slightly faster.

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