Why is there oil in radiator of kia pregio?


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the cylinder head has damaged the oil from the engine going to radiator


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how do you adjust the cluch on the kia pregio

the correct torque for cylinder head bolt of kia pregio 2.7 diesel is 130-135ft-lbs.

The correct tire pressure of kia pregio is 50 psi.If the ambient temperature is higher,say going above 35deg,then keep it 45psi

Ineed my code ratio for my kia pregio 3.0 2000

Under the little front bonnet.

where is the radiator drain plug on a kia spectra

drive front wheels onto ramps about150mm high to allow removal of radiator from below .remove fan cowling and hoses , fan to get room to work .undo nut on each side of radiator rubber mounting can move the unit around enough to remove the side mount panels from the radiator and slide it out from under vehicle.

does the kia sedona2005 lx have a radiator drain plug?

The radiator drain plug for a Kia Sedona is located at the bottom of the radiator. The radiator flush that is needed can be purchased at any auto parts store.

should be on the bottom of the radiator

J2 engines are as follows Inlet: 10 or 12 thou, Exhaust: 14 thou.

On the bottom of the radiator there is philps head drain plug located in the middle of the radiator.

Open the driver door and its on the side of the dash, where the hinges are. Just give the plastic cover a good pull and it will come off.

what type of engine oil do i use in my 2010 kia soul

It could cost between 300 dollars and 600 dollars to replace the radiator in a 2003 Kia Optima. This varies with the type of radiator chosen and your location.

05 kia sorento ex, what kind of oil?

The fronts do the most work so the proportional valve sees they get more pressure. That is also why reservoir for front usually larger as well.

Clutch shares fluid reservoir with brake system, open drivers door and pull off small plastic panel at side of dashboard.

What engine oil is recommended for kia Rio 2007

The proper oil to use for a 2006 Kia Sedona is 5w20.

Oil in the radiator is usually an indication of a leaky head gasket.

The oil capacity of the 2003 Kia Rio engine is 3.6 Quarts.

2000 kia sportage needs 4 1/4 quarts of oil + oil filter.

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