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Why is there oil in your exhaust pipe?

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Most likley, worn or damaged rings, pistons, valve stem seals or possibly a problem with the transmission vacuum modulator. You'll need to track it down.

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Why is oil coming out of your lawnmower exhaust pipe?

cause so times if you crash in a rock or a tree . then the oil comes out of the pipe

What would cause burning smell from exhaust pipe?

The burning smell from the exhaust pipe may be caused from oil or transmission fluid leaking into the exhaust pipe. For example, if your turbo is failing on the car, then that can cause leakage from the manifold into the exhaust pipe. There may be other reasons, too, which other people will be better articulating.

You have thick white smoke coming out of your exhaust smells like oil whats wrongalso has oil coming out exhaust pipe?

Maybe a blown head gasket

What is wrong when it smells like oil is burning on a 1997 Park Avenue?

Valve cover gasket is probably leaking oil onto the exhaust manifold or the oil filter may be leaking oil onto the exhaust pipe.

Will a bad valve cover gasket cause smoke from exhaust?

No, it will not cause smoke from the exhaust pipe. However the leaking oil can drip on the exhaust manifold where it will be burnt and smoke.

What causes backfire from exhaust pipe?

Unburned fuel in the exhaust system causes the backfire from the exhaust pipe.

Where is catalytic converter on a 1998 mercury mystique?

In the exhaust pipe, near the engine.In the exhaust pipe, near the engine.

Do you put oil in the exhaust on a Ford Focus?

No. The only substance that should go into an exhaust pipe are the combustion gases from the burning of fuel in the cylinders.

Where is the oil pressure switch on a 2.0L Dodge Neon?

Back of the block, to the left of the exhaust pipe.

Where is the oil filter on a citreon c4 1.6 hdi?

On front of the motor, beside the exhaust pipe.

Where is catalytic converter on 2008 Chrysler Town and Country?

In the exhaust pipe, at the back of the engine.In the exhaust pipe, at the back of the engine.

Where is a catalytic converter located on a 2005 Chrysler pacifica?

It is in the exhaust pipe on the back of the engine.It is in the exhaust pipe on the back of the engine.

Why pipe in pipe is used in exhaust system?

To reduce the noise created by the exhaust gases.

What is it when oil is coming out of exhaust on a 2 stroke bike?

its when you have either mixed your oil too rich or you need to ride more on the pipe.

What does a small amount of white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe mean?

You may have oil on the exhaust, once this has burnt off the smoke should stop.

How do you change oiloil filter on 2003 Yamaha vstar 1100?


How do you change an oil filter on a 2005 Yamaha v star classic?

drop the front exhaust pipe ,remove cover behind pipe ,filter is in there.

My Audi A6 Estate is smoking from the exhaust and I noticed this morning oil dripping from the exhaust pipe when you started the car what could this be?

you could be leaking engine oil onto the exhaust or it could just be rusty water that is evaporating and causing the smoke.

Where is the oil filter on a 1960 Corvette?

It is on the drivers side at the rear of the block. It may be above an exhaust pipe.

How to make exhaust louder?

is it possible to cut your exhaust pipe to make it louder is it possible to cut your exhaust pipe to make it louder

What does it mean when oil spews out of the exhaust pipe?

Serious trouble. It usually means a broken oil (piston) ring. Another possibility is that your exhaust valve seals are bad/gone or valve guide is worn in excess. Another possibility is it is condensation coming out of exhaust mixed with black residue from exhaust and only looks like oil.

Where is 02 sensor on 1995 Dodge Ram van?

In the exhaust pipe at the front of the catalytic converter.In the exhaust pipe at the front of the catalytic converter.

How to replace oil pan gasket for Toyota Camry 1995?

Changing the oil pan gasket on a 1995 or similar year Camry is realtively simple, but does require removal of the exhaust pipe. You will need a new oil pan gasket and a new exhaust pipe flange gasket. Put the car on ramps or jacks to access the undercarriage. Remove the exhaust pipe by removing the 3 nuts holding the exhaust pipe flange to the exhaust manifold. These nuts often rust and prior application of penetrating oil may be required to remove them without damage. Once the pipe is unbolted, work the exhaust system loose from the hanging brackets. In most cases the entire system does not have to be removed since there is enough room to remove the pan with only the front hangers removed. Drain the oil from the engine Remove the 10 mm bolts holding the pan to the block. Remove the old gasket material and scrape any remaining gasket from the block and pan. Install the new gasket. Forma-Gasket or a similar product may be used in small quantities to "glue" the new gasket in place and prevent shifting while the pan is reattached to the block. Reinsall the 10 mm bolts in a cross pattern to ensure the gasket is compressed evenly. Do not overtighten the bolts. Replace the pipe to flange gasket between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust manifold with a new part. Reattach the exhuast pipe to the hangers. Install the 3 bolts connecting the pipe flange to the exhaust manifold. Fill the engine with oil. Pray there are no leaks!

How do you measure exhaust pipe?

outside to outside of pipe.

What to do if your engine dies after a blocked car exhaust pipe?

Unblock the exhaust pipe, start it up and go.