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Why is there red fluid in the radiator?

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Your anti-freeze is a Dex-cool anti-freeze. It is not compatiable with the green kind. It is a long life coolant which can last up to 100,000 miles. If you have to top off, do not add water as this coolant comes pre-mixed.

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What does it mean when there is red fluid dripping down where the radiator is on a 1994 Chevy Lumina?

This is transmission fluid. The leak is at the transmission cooler which may be part of the radiator.

Where does radiator fluid go?

Unless your radiator has a leak, the radiator fluid stays in the radiator.

Would red clay in radiator cause truck to run rich?

no the red clay like stuff is transmission fluid in your radiator probably leaking from your transcooler

What do you do if your car is leaking purple fluid?

It is probably Radiator fluid that's leaking. if you have red radiator fluid. it looks purple when it heats up. I had this from my Toyota Sequoia when the leak went over the hot engine.

Which is better water or radiator fluid?

radiator fluid

What would be draining red fluid below radiator?

Most likely it's automatic transmission fluid, check to two metal lines going into the bottom of the radiator to confirm this.

What should you do about brown transmission fluid?

change it! though could be mixing with your radiator fluid (green+red=brown) not good

Where is the radiator to put fluid for 2001 jetta?

Where is the radiator to put fluid for 2001 jetta?

Why your 2006 Toyota raw4 has water on the passenger floor front?

Is the colour of the fluid green? or red, or does it smell? that's a definite sign that radiator coolant is finding its way onto your floor from the radiator, and if you let it continue and don't top up the radiator fluid inside the engine bay, your engine will overheat and die. Sounds to me like a heater radiator leak, don't drive the car until you are regularly checking the level of the fluid in the radiator and get it to a mechanic to swap that radiator out for a new one. and in addition get the mechanic to flush out the radiator fluid for new stuff.

What kind of radiator fluid do you put in a 2001 Chrysler sebring?

Red, five year, hoat type.

Why do you have Red radiator water?

red water, i can think of two possabilities, rust,but that would not be exactly red. 2 a leak in your transmission cooler that runs through the bottom of the radiator. transmission fluid is usually red. a leak here would get into your cooling system.

How do you fill radiator fluid for Mazda MPV?

you have to put the radiator fluid in the overflow. This is the only way.

What color is radiator fluid?

It comes in many colors. Green, red, pink, orange, blue, yellow, purple.

What causes transmission fluid to leak into radiator?

Cracked radiator end caps since the tranny fluid runs goes threw the caps for cooling that is the only way tranny fluid can get in the radiator

What happens when Transmission fluid leaks into the radiator?

You replace the radiator

Why radiator overflow bottle melted?

Bad radiator fluid.

What is radiator fluid?


Transmission fluid leaking from fitting below radiator cap after replacing radiator on 99 surburban?

"transmission fluid leaking from fitting below radiator cap after replacing radiator on 99 surburban

What does a red warning light that looks like a fan mean on a 1996 Volvo 850 Sedan?

low radiator fluid

What kind of radiator fluid your base moldel 2006 Dodge Magnum needs?

Red, 5 year, HOAT type.

What is the name of the connector of the transmission fluid to the radiator?

Fluid Connector

Chevy Suburban transmission fluid leaking into radiator?

the trans fluid on a auto trans goes through a tube in the radiator to cool the fluid if the tube has holes in it, it will leak trans fluid in to radiator. you need to replace radiator or have rebuilt.or you could put on a aux trans cooler and put plugs where the trans lines used to go.

How much radiator fluid does a 1992 Honda civic take?

i don't really know but get the 50/50 radiator fluid and fill it up

What is the cooling fluid that goes back to the transmission?

The 2 lines that come from the transmission and go to the radiator are full of transmission fluid and the radiator is what cools it.

Do you check radiator fluid when car hot or cold?

Do it when the car is cold if the radiator is hot fluid may be forced out when you take off the cap.

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