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Q: Why is there so much red in the crystal palace?
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Can you see surrey from crystal palace park?

Crystal Palace Park is surrounded by houses so you wouldn't be able to see Surrey.

Why are crystal palace so bad?

they're still in the championship

What is crystal palace built from?

The Crystal Palace building no longer exists - it burned down in 1936. The original building was erected in Hyde Park in London for the Great Exhibition of 1851 and was constructed of steel and glass and at the time was the biggest glass building in the world. The glass glittered in the sun so it was nicknamed the Crystal Palace. When the exhibition was over, the whole structure was dismantled and reassembled at Upper Norwood, the highest suburb of southeast London. Although the structure is no longer there, the concrete base is still in situ and it is possible to follow the footprint of the building. The surrounding area and local football team are both called Crystal Palace.

How many crystal palace fans does it take to change a light bulb?

A few, but there aren't any so this question is a charade.

Was the crystal palace really a palace in Victorian times?

No. The building that was known as the Crystal Palace was a steel and glass exhibition hall which was built in Hyde Park London for the Great Exhibition of 1851 to showcase British dominance and innovation in manufacturing. There was so much glass in the structure that it was nick-named the Crystal Palace. When the exhibition was over. the building was dismantled and re-assembled in Upper Norwood, a suburb and highest point in southeast London, where it remained until 1936 when it burned to the ground. There were rumours that the fire had been started deliberately by government agents because they were concerned that the conspicuous building would be used as a navigation point by incoming enemy bombers in the expected war which started three years later. The stone foundations and plinths of the building are still in situ today and the surrounding area is known in London as Crystal Palace, rather than its proper name of Upper Norwood.

Who is red in Pokemon?

Red is the main playable character is Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow and Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. Red is also the final and strongest trainer in Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal and Pokemon HeartGold and Soul Silver. So pretty much he's Ash

Why is the Crystal Palace so important?

It isn't anymore. The original Crystal Palace was built in Hyde Park London for the Great Exhibition of 1851 when Britain was at its industrial best, to showcase the latest Victorian innovations. When the exhibition was over, it was dismantled and re-erected in Upper Norwood, a suburb of southeast London and London's highest point. It was burned down in a fire in 1936 and the rumour is that the fire was deliberate because the huge glass structure would have been used as a navigation landmark by incoming bombers in the expected war which started in 1939. The stone foundations still remain and the surrounding area is now known as Crystal Palace as well as its original name of Upper Norwood. The local football team is also named Crystal Palace.

Why was the great exhibition built?

It was built because in 1844 the French had built an Industrial Exposition. This annoyed the British so they decided to build the 'Crystal Palace'. this was a revolution

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What is the difference between palace and castle?

A palace is a very opulent luxurious building. A castle is much more fortified, stronger and not so richly decorated.

Which team has suffered the most relegations?

Crystal Palace has suffered most English Premier League relegations than any other team. I has suffered four relegations so far.

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What is the similes of as heavy as?

i think so it is rock and crystal

Many gemstones are polished so much that you can no longer detect a crystal shape what could you do to a gemstone to determine its crystal shape?

Optical testing with polarizing filters will enable you to determine the original crystal system of a transparent polished gem.

why do i have so much red on my body?

is it marker

How much tall and big Queen Victoria castle?

its bucking ham palace so its big and long but not tall

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Does red bull contain benzodiazepines?

if it did, Their ad would say "red Bull: not so much wings, but heres a pillow!" if it did, Their ad would say "red Bull: not so much wings, but heres a pillow!"

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Some Waterford Crystal is made in Waterford but not as industrially as before the factory in Waterford closed down. A year or so later the House of Waterford Crystal opened, it makes a bit of the crystal but only really to sell in the store. Frankly it cost to much to make in Ireland with the minimum pay of €1,461.85 a month. It is much cheaper to make in places such as China.

What is the conflict of the good prince batugan?

Prince Bantugan went far away to make the King comfortable without him because he knows that he doesn't belong to the palace beacuse the King hated him so much.

Why real crystal have more entropy than ideal crystal?

Because the real crystal is not so ordered as the ideal crystal.

Is there an elevator in buckingham palace?

In Buckingham palace there used to be 40 elevators and they put another 60 elevator so now there are 100 elevators in Buckingham palace