Why is there so much violence in Syria?

Because Syria has been controlled by the Assad family, which governs through fear. In 1982, Hafez Al-Assad isolated the city of Hama and killed over 40,000 citizens. Syrians want freedom from the tyrannical, dictatorial Assad regime. The Assad family's self-imposed leadership of the Syrian people has lasted 40 years- first with father Hafez Al-Assad, and now with his son Bachar Al-Assad. Syria's economy is reeling. Although highly educated, many Syrians live at or below the poverty line. The majority of Syrians feel that it is time for a change. Syrians want the right to vote. They began peaceful protests last year to ask for the resignation of President Al-Assad, but the government swiftly responded with violence and genocide. The Assad family has ruled Syria through fear for long enough, and the majority of the population ferverently agrees that it is time for a change.