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Why is there still white smoke coming from your exhaust of a 1993 Mitsubishi Diamante when you just had the engine replaced?


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2009-11-06 00:46:23
2009-11-06 00:46:23
Or someone didn't do a proper job on the repacement engine and you've got a leaky head gasket.Answer

"Stuff" is still in the muffler and exhaust system.

Thick white smoke can also be the transmission oil being sucked to the engine. check your transmission oil as well.


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The valve needs replaced. There is a metal plug that has fallen out.

The O2 light means the oxyogen sensor is needing to be replaced. It should be some where in the exhaust system.Answerit is located on the exhaust manifold with wires to a plug coming from it

there is no water mixed with the oil but have antifreeze coming out of the exhaust

It could be condensation from hot exhaust gases on the cool exhaust pipe.

white smoke is coming from my exhaust why?

The fumes are most likely coming from an exhaust leak. The leak could be at the converter, or somewhere else in the exhaust system.

the smoke that comes out of a exhaust pipe is supposed to be white

On the 1.8 engine, there are two: one located on the exhaust manifold - it has a wire/connector coming from it. one located just behind the catalytic converter beneath the car

The O2 sensor is in the front of the engine. If you look at the exhaust manifold by the heat shield you will see it. It screws into the exhaust and has a single wire coming out of it running back toward the drivers side of the engine. Easy to change

Change your spark plugs!!

there should be 2 oxygen sensors, one easily seen just coming off exhaust part of engine and the second one just past catalytic converter.

A broken piston ring will allow fuel to enter the exhaust system. The fuel will drain out of the exhaust.

If fumes are coming into a car it is most likely not going to be coming from a head gasket. The more likely places will be a blown exhaust gasket, exhaust doughnut, or some other type of exhaust leak.

Where is the leak coming from. Most likely you will need to replace the exhaust manifold gasket which will require removing the exhaust manifold.

Car maintenance is very important for a smooth ride. When there is white smoke coming out of the exhaust, it is usually an indication of water in the engine.

Water condensation coming from the exhaust is normal when the vehicle has been sitting in a wet area, but should stop once it is warmed up. Water from the exhaust after it is warmed up and white smoke from the exhaust is an indication of a blown head gasket.

Could be a diesel? If not then replace your oxygen sensor on your exhaust. A bad oxygen sensor causes the exhaust smoke to be dark in color.

engine tune just a major service then maybe a new exhaust system

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