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Why is there vapour in whiskey bottle where the bottle is not even heated up?


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Why would you heat up a whiskey bottle?

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Acetone is a volatile liquid, that is, it has a low boiling point. Even room temperature is sufficient to make acetone turn into vapour.

Depending on the cask that whiskey is stored in, the maturation process can deteriorate after 40 years, though a transfer to a different cask will remove this factor. Part of the alcohol in whiskey can (just like in wine) turn to acetic acid in the cask or even, in very rare cases in the bottle and cause the whiskey to become undrinkable.

water vapour is used to put in balloons.[even thouht the balloons can't fly]

It will last indefinitely, but the taste will be ruined within months or weeks even, especially in hot weather. It's the exposure to the air in the bottle that does it, so transfer leftover whisky to smaller bottles so that they are full. Better still, drink it.

It would not be 'Scotch' whiskey if made outside Scotland would it ? Many countries make whiskey, U.S.A. (bourbon), Canada, Japan, India, Taiwan, Ireland (whiskey), Wales and even England.

The only distilled spirit that possibly could is whiskey, but even that is highly unlikely.

Thermo plastics will soften when heated and can be reshaped. Thermo-setting plastics undergo a chemical change when heated and will then retain their shape even when re-heated.

Yes it can if you puncture the bottle even if there is nothing in it the pressure will cause the bottle to explode

BECAUSE the moncules are heated they expand because there gay and expand

Oh come one -_-''Its obviousBubbles of vaporised liquid will formThe temperature of the liquid when boiling will remain constant even when more heat is applied.As the liquid is heated, the vapour pressure increases until it equals the pressure of the gas above it.

Because (in simple terms) there is more water, in vapour form, in the air so it is harder for even more to evaporate compaired to when there is no vapour - humidity - in the air.

Scientifically water will expand when heated up even though it is the only liquid that expands when frozen

Yes, you can I wanted to try Bourbon glazed salmon but didn't have any bourbon so I used Whiskey and I think it turned out even better.

How can you compare a case of beer with a bottle of whiskey? It is the sort of comparison that would say that a glass of milk is equal to approx 40 bananas because they contain the same amount of calcium. Anyway, a case of beer is not a standard measure. Both drinks can vary quite significantly in their alcohol content. So you cannot even compare their alcohol content.

Epoxy is a good example Or rubber. Basically any plastic that transforms with heat, and cant be transformed back. Thermosetting plastic or epoxy is a compond that when heated will cure and maintain it's shape even when heated again. Usually the compaound has to be mixed with hardeners and fillers then heated. Once cooled they will remain hard even if re-heated.

The most familiar use of thermosetting plastic is the heat-resistant handle on metal cookware. It is also used for bottle caps, knobs and handles, and laminated counter tops. Thermosetting plastics retain their shape and strength even when heated.

I haven't heard about Old Overcoat since the early 60s. I'm not sure this would even be worth anything to a frat brother having DT's from withdrawal.

Unlike other liquids, water expands when it is frozen. You can observe this when filling a plastic bottle full of water and then putting it in the freezer overnight. You will see that the bottle expands or even burst in some cases. When the ice is heated and it reaches its melting point (0C) it undergoes a phase change from solid to liquid until it fully melts and becomes liquid at 4C. During this change, the water contracts back to its original state and it takes up less space. When heated above 4C, it expands like any other liquid.

Hey, whatever you like to drink is good for you. There's even a recipe for "whiskey-in-your-coffee" (Irish coffee: coffee + Irish whiskey), so go for it.

yes, it can even float with heated water.

The earths water is located everywhere as water, ice or even gas. Such as water vapour in the air.

Scotch is a particular type of whiskey, first made in Scotland, which is aged in oak casks.Answer #2Scotch is whiskey made in Scotland.If whiskey is made anywhere else in the world; even by the same people using the exact same recipie and tools, it is not scotch.#3Scotch is a trade name and must meet requirements for ingredients, aging, and distilling. All Scotch is made in Scotland, all whiskey made in Scotland in not Scotch.

He showed up to a revolt, and everybody calmed down after that. He didn't even have to do anything.

If he is 20 months old he shouldn't even be drinking out of a bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

Eosin will remain stable after opening the bottle even if its color will turn less dark-colored. The stability will remain up to two months after opening the bottle.

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