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Why is there white smoke coming from my valve cover and truck not starting?


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I have a 1990 Toyota Pickup that has had recent overheating problems. The thermostat is fine, there is a possible water pump leak, but I think the head gasket might be blown because there was a milky fluid when I drained my radiator. Because I thought the gasket was blown I put everything back together, so I could take it to a shop and get a compression check, and tried to start the truck, to make sure I put it back together correctly, and now it wont start and there's white smoke pouring out of the valve cover. There is oil in the truck and I filled the radiator with water. Can this be caused by a blown head gasket or is the engine gone. Thanks.

Yes, it would appear you have a blown head gasket. You will have to tow the truck to a shop for diagnosis and repair. Do not try to start it again or you can do serious damage to the engine.


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