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Why is timing important in drama?


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This is important because with timing, you know when everything is going to take place or when one person does something and you do another.

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it when people time you of acting

because drama are important to our cultures

I think mime is important in drama because it shows how someone can use there body to express themselves

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Freeze frames are important in drama because it allows the audience to see the facial expressions and the reactions of the characters

Drama is only important when it is considered as a part of the arts. Drama helps people use their imagination. Drama also allows people to be someone else for a while.

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because communication in drama will help the actors being out the best expressions in the drama been displayed

The myths and legends are entertaining. The drama is entertaining.

Rhythm refers to the timing and pace of the drama. Exchanges of dialogue between characters, the way a character walks, and the speech pattern of a character are all examples of rhythm.

to be performed in stage or in the audience

Kalidasa was an important author of Sanskrit poetry and drama.

because people have nothing to better to do so they either start drama or gets involed in it! :)

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== == It is important since you have to show reactions it makes the show more interests.

The second most important character in drama or literature is the reader, or member of the audience. The correct word to describe said character is deuteragonist.

Farce is a comic drama of cheaper kind in which the spectators belief in what is happening is not as important as the main desire to cause laughter.

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Without a voice, you're just a mime.

I think it is because without subtext in drama, the scene would not look realistic and would not have background things to help

The key to drama seems to be... timing. Holding back the delivery of the unexpected until just... the... right... moment... can stun your audience to silence or raise the roof with their gales of laughter. Others' opinions may vary.

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