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You might have a seal going bad on you. A quick free inspection at your local Aamco dealer may answer some questions for you.

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Q: Why is transmission fluid leaking out of a manufactured hole in the rear of the transmission housing in a 1990 Suburban that runs well?
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Why does my 2001 suburban leaking transmission fluid through breather tube?

bad filter

Why is transmission fluid leaking from the bell housing of your dodge caravan tht was recently rebuilt?

Obviously a seal has failed.

Why is there oil inside your washing machine?

It could be that your transmission housing is leaking. You will probably find oil underneath the machine as well.

Why is it still leaking transmission fluid?

The better question is what is leaking transmission fluid?

Why is my Pontiac G6 leaking transmission fluid?

Because your transmission has a seal that is leaking.

Why is tramsmission fluid leaking from the vent hole in the yoke on my 93 Suburban and the fluid level is normal?

The transmission could have a bad seal or have too much internal pressure causing the fluid to come from the 93 Suburban vent hole. The Fluid is probably leaking slowly, and that is why the level still shows normal.

Why is transmission fluid leaking from bell housing on 2001 Chrysler Sebring?

Sounds like front pump seal if automatic-very common

If a 1994 Topaz V-6 automatic just recently had the pan gasket and filter changed but is still leaking transmission fluid where else could it be leaking from?

try the cool line fitting from the radiator to the transmission i just had that problem on a 1994 mercury Sometimes you can leak out of the tailhousing of your transmission if the housing seal is slightly damaged

Why is transmission fluid leaking where the drive shaft meets the transmission?

The output shaft seal has failed and transmission fluid is leaking by, and that would explain the transmission fluid appearing there.

Where is fluid leaking from when leaking from between motor and transmission?

Rear main engine seal or front transmission seals

Why is your 96 Toyota Camry leaking transmission fluid?

You need to check the transmission gasket between the transmission pan and the body. If it's leaking you have to replace it.

What does leaking transmission fluid mean?

fluid is a lubricant of transmission

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