Why is turkey called sick man of Europe?

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Turkey was called the Sick Man of Europe in the early part of the 20th century. This was because the Ottoman Empire was crumbling and the nation was not doing well economically.

Which country is known as sick man of Europe today?

Answer . In April 2007, The Economist described Portugal as "a new sick man of Europe" Also in 2007 a report prepared by Morgan Stanley referred to France as the "new sick man of Europe".

Turkey Europe or Asia?

Turkey is in both Asia and in Europe. It is one of several transcontinental countries (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transcontinental_country).

Where can you find information about Turkey in Europe?

One of the best places to get information about Turkey is Answers.com. The site can be accessed from anywhere on the world and has comprehensive information from many authoritative sources. http://www.answers.com/Turkey?cat=travel

Is Turkey in Europe?

Turkey is partly in Europe and partly in Asia. The boundary between Europe and Asia goes through Istanbul. However, t he European part of Turkey is less than 10% of the country. Part of Turkey is in Europe, but most of it is in Asia

Is Turkey located in Europe or Asia?

Europe >.< Geographically, the border between Asia and Europe is theBosphorus, a strait of water that joins the Mediterranean Sea tothe Black Sea. This runs right through the city of Istanbul.Therefore, both Istanbul and the whole nation of Turkey are both inAsia and Europe. The majority is actuall ( Full Answer )

Is turkey in Asia or Europe?

Turkey is in Asia and Europe it is like a bridge between the two countries. That is what peopel say but it isn't. it is in Asia. People have to accept that. it wil not be joining Europe for decades. It is in Asia, but it hasn't got tight rules or regulations, and if it was in Europe then the count ( Full Answer )

Why was Turkey known as the sick man of Europe?

The term was applied to the Ottoman Empire around 1853 by tsar Nicholas I of Russia, referring to the impoverishment of the Turkish region, and its failures in several wars. Financial disarray affected the empire for most of the next 70 years, leading to its partition and occupation following World ( Full Answer )

The sick man of Europe was a term applied to?

'The Sick Man of Europe' was the nickname applied to the Ottoman Empire in the second half of the 19th century (1850 onwards) Penn Foster answer: (TURKEY) " Modern day Of the Ottoman Empire"

Is Turkey part of Europe?

Turkey is part of Eurasia, between Europe and Asia. But I think Turkey is mostly in Asia.

Is turkey a part of Europe?

Turkey is a transcontinental country and belongs to both Europe and Asia. However, only 3% of Turkey is considered part of Europe. The recognized boundary between Asian Turkey and European Turkey is the Bosporus Strait. And truly the only recognized area of Turkey in Europe is Istanbul.

Why was the Ottoman Empire referred to as the sick man of Europe?

The Ottoman Empire, prior to its demise in WW I, was notoriously corrupt, badly managed, impoverished, and backward. Some or all of these traits linger in some middle eastern countries which were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire. I should also mention that although the Ottoman Empire was predomin ( Full Answer )

Why is Turkey called the sick country of Europe?

Before the modern state of Turkey was formed after World War I, it was the Ottoman Empire. Towards the end of its existence, the Ottoman Empire was called the Sick Man of Europe because it was losing a lot of wars and the territory it once controlled.

Why was turkey the sick man of Europe in the 16th centuery?

I think turkey was known as the sick man of Europe due to the following reasons:- 1] lack of economic stability. 2] lack of large military powers in contrary with other countries like Russia, Germany, France, etc.....................

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What is turkey called in turkey?

A turkey is called 'Hindi' in Turkish. But the name of the country is Türkiye in Turkish.You can find many turkeys in turkey but they are not from Turkey. The French call them "dinde" which translates as "from India". The Turks also thought they came from India and therefor (as noted above) calle ( Full Answer )

Why is a turkey is called a turkey?

because an animal which is very similiar to turkey only live in turkey was seen by an foreigner and taken to his own country in there they ask what is it? then the man says its turkey (which means this one comes from turkey)

Why is a turkey called a turkey?

Because they are called Turks so they put Turks first then add ey (turk-ey) but in Turkish it is spelled Turkiye (Turk-i-yeah)

Why turkey called turkey is it somehow related to TURKEY?

Only in a convoluted way! Wild turkeys originate from North America, when Europeans saw them, they mis-classified them as a form of Guinea Fowl, which had been domesticated in Greece and imported into Europe by Turkish merchants. That's the connection with Turkey that caused the birds to be calle ( Full Answer )

If a man is sick is his semen sick?

It can be. An unhealthy man may sometimes have unhealthy semen. If a man has an STD, it can be spread through his semen. Of course, if you are having sex with a man, and you are the least bit uncertain of his health or whether he is carrying something, then make sure you use a condom if you have ( Full Answer )

Why is the country Turkey called Turkey?

actually you dont call Turkey the country as turkey the animal. youcall the animal as Turkey. because the first turkey(hindi animal)comes from the country Turkey. lots of turkeys huh.

Is Ankara Turkey in Europe?

Although a small part of Turkey is in Europe, Ankara is in Asia, as is most of Turkey.

Why is Europe's Turkey called Turkey?

The country got its name from the people, Turkey means strongand powerful. It just happens the name of the country in English is the same asthe name of a fowl in English. The two are not linguisticallyrelated. Turkey in Turkish is Turkiye.

Is Bleedman a sick sick man?

The storylines of his comics are awful, but his art style is so amazing that it makes up for everything and more.

Can turkey make you sick?

Turkey doesn't usually make you sick. But if you are eating turkey and you get sick it it doesn't necessarily mean the turkey made you sick. It could be the ingredients and contents inside the turkey.

Can you get sick from eating a turkey?

Yes, if it is contaminated with food poisoning germs, improperly cooked. If it has gotten too old and is rancid or moldy, then you can also feel sick from eating it even if it isn't exactly food poisoning. When in doubt, throw it out!

Why are turkeys called 'turkeys'?

They were imported from Central Europe through Turkey, the name just stuck from what was thought to be the country of origin ...Turkey

Why is the bird turkey called a turkey?

The Guineafowl originates from the Guinea region of Africa but in Europe it was often imported through Turkey, so it became known as the "Turkey Fowl". After European settlers travelled to America and discovered a similar bird, they mistook it for being a Guineafowl and the name Turkey became stuck ( Full Answer )

Can you get sick from eating bad turkey bacon?

Yes, any improperly handled food can cause food poisoning if it is contaminated by bacteria or other food poisoning microbes. When in doubt, throw it out!

Which country is called sick man of Europe?

The term was first applied to the Ottoman Empire. That would now be where modern Turkey is and some of the other areas of south-eastern Europe .

Why is the Philippine is called the sick man of Asia?

There's no such thing as sick man of asia...or it could be describe as such at some point during the martial law days, but the Philippines has since moved out of that stigma when martial law was lifted. When the financial crises first hit the "healthy" countries of the world during the Ramos admini ( Full Answer )

Do you be sick on the way to the Isle of Man?

A person can be sick on any journey, so it is possible that youcould be sick on the way, but the vast majority of people would notbe. People who suffer from sea sickness or sickness when flyingcould be, but that does not happen to many people.

Is Turkey an Asian country in Europe?

No, actually Turkey is a successful bridge between East and West. It's the country where East meets West. It's the synthesis of East and West. That's why Turkey is neither an Asian country nor an European country.

Which country was known as the 'sick man of Europe'?

The original "sick man of Europe" was the country of Turkey (then the Ottoman Empire), during the middle of the 19th century. The country was described as being sick, or decrepit, by Russian tsar Nicholas I around 1853, primarily because of its internal financial disarray, and its failures in sever ( Full Answer )

Why is the country turkey called the animal turkey?

The country is called Turkey because it's home to the Turks. When European settlers arrived in America, they encountered turkeys, which they mistook for being a guineaufowl. The guineafowl was also called the "turkey fowl" because it was imported into Western Europe regularly from Turkey. In the ( Full Answer )

Can turkey mites get you sick?

Typically, turkey mites will not make you sick. They will bite youand cause an itchy sensation and a small bump, but won't make youill.

Is turkey considered a part of Europe?

Yes but Turkey is in both Europe and Asia. Only a small part of the country is in Europe, the majority in Asia. It is politically considered to be in Europe, but geographically, it is mainly distributed in Asia. Istanbul, the capital is the only city in the world that is bi-continental

Is it turkey is part of Europe?

Turkey is both a part of Asia (97%) and Europe (3%). Turkey is called the Land Where the East Meets West because it is a melting pot of both cultures. The Asian part of Turkey is called Anatolia while the European part of the country is called Thrace.

What was Turkey called?

Anatolia has had a large number of names across time. You may wish to be specific as to what timeframe you are referring to. The last name Turkey had prior to being called Turkey was the Ottoman Empire.

Why was Turkey called Turkey?

The fact that the word "turkey" refers to both a country (Turkey) and a bird (turkey) in English is completely incidental. Turkey was not named after turkeys or vice versa. Turkey is just the English version of the Turkish name Türkiye, literally meaning: Land of the Türk people.

Why was to Ottoman empire often referred to as The sick Man of Europe before World War 1?

Due to a cultural set of mores that was not seen as productive. Also, they were completely behind in many fields of technology, industry, education, production and much else that what was a modern Europe appeared to be excelling at. The cultural legacy of the ottomans when contrasted withal any Euro ( Full Answer )