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Why is war bad?

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War is an armed conflict between different nations, state or a large group, so why does it exist? War exists because people want power, money and dominance over other people so they will be feared and recognized. Factors like politics, resources, power, and money cause war mostly in the world, although there are still more than a million factors to list. War is fought in distant and immobile areas where fewer resources are vacant for the reason that they want to do as much damage as possible without the interference of public and peace groups. Some wars are also fought in mobile areas where innocent people live in, but mostly the type of place is depended on the type of war fought like civil wars are fought in the streets and world war would be fought in forests and jungles.



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Why war is bad?

War is BAD for the jews. lol rip

Was World War I good or bad?

world war 1 was very bad

What is good and bad about war?

War Can be good if there is a good reward or concept but it can be bad

Why was the Vietnam War considerd a bad war?

The Vietnam War is very bad, but I got a fake I.D. doh.

Was World War I Bad?

quite bad

Was the Iraq war good or bad?


How bad was it in the World War 2?


Is God of War bad?

yes and no because he fighters wars for Sparta but war is bad

What was Poland's economy like post World War II?

Poland's economy was very bad after the war. Also the pollution was bad. Poland's economy was very bad after the war. Also the pollution was bad.

Why was the Revolutionary War a bad idea?

The revolutionary war was a bad idea because the Americans really did not have to resources or soldiers for the war.

Bad things that come from war?

The bad things that came from war that many people died!

Was World War 2 a bad war?

WW2 was a bad war because more then over 70,000,000 million people died.

How is war bad?

its bad because people die

How bad was the World War 2?

pretty bad

Was the holocaust a bad war?

Its not a war, it's genocide.

What is the meaning of There never was a good war or a bad peace?

This quote is simply saying that peace is better than war. If there "never was a good war" that means that all war is bad; and if "there never was a bad peace" then all peace is good.

How bad were the causes of World War 2?

very bad

Was the civil war a bad war?

Define "bad". There are many different aspects the American Civil War - you need to be much more specific as to what you are concerned with.

Is conflict good or bad?

It is bad cause it leads to war and who wants war unless you are Hitler :-D Jaskiran

What were Jefferson Davis' bad decisions in the civil war?

His bad decisions and errOr caused him to lose the war...

How bad was the Trojan war?

The Trojan War was o bad it wiped out 2/3 of Athens including Pericles.

What effect did World War 2 have on the US?

it was a bad war!

What is the message in the song war by Edwin Starr?

that war is bad

Is War a cuss word?

no. its not even close to being one. war is bad but its not a bad word , like the word murder.

Is adolf Hitler bad in world war 2?

Yes, Adolf Hitler was bad (evil) before & during the war.