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Why is water flooding the rear passenger floorboard of my 1996 Grand Cherokee Laredo?


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I, too, just recently discovered this problem. A couple weeks later I discovered the entire passenger side was full of water. Hey, that nicely constructed, one-piece carpeting makes a great sponge it turns out!! Pull down the carpet in the front to look for water. I'm willing to bet you have it there, too. It's either the a/c water discharge hose is backed up or you have a rainwater leak somewhere. You can find plenty of info on the fix for the a/c hose clogging. You'll have to drill a hole through the plug, ect. You can find past recall notices on this very problem with very specific instructions to cure it. (or you can remove the entire dashboard) A water leak will just take time. In my circumstance, I read on this site, pulled the carpeting back some in front, sucked out all the water I could, and then used the a/c to see if it happened. After a week, I'm convinced it's a leak somewhere else as there's been no leak from simply a/c usage. But last week I drove from Indy to Hammond in a horrendous downpour for 3 hours, and later found the water in the back seat and - lo and behold - actually the entire carpet was soaked. This carpeting can hold a lot of water!!! So check it out, and good luck to you. After 227,000 miles on my '97 JGC Laredo, this really is the only real problem I've had, so I guess I shouldn't complain...


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It is under the back passenger rear seat.

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Yes, Laredo is just a trim package.

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Replace the molding. You can find the part you need at

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on my 2000 grand Cherokee Laredo is under the passenger head light is hard to get to is a Little black box w. 2 screws on it hope the helps..

The 1990 Jeep Cherokee electric fan relay switch is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The fan relay switch will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

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