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Because water helps the cells function!

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Why are vesicles important in a cell?

Vesicles are important in a cell because they hold all the nutrients and water for the cell. in short it is basically the water coach (boy/girl) for a football.

Is it important for a cell to regulate water?

yes, if a cell gets to much water, it will not work properly, that is why cells have cell membranes and cell walls

What is the most important substance in a cell?


Why is water important in a cell?

It makes most needed chemical reactions in a cell

Water is very important for a cell because many of the what inside a cell take place in water?

because it just is

What are three important functions of water in the cell?

these are th ethrer inportan water in a cell 1. so you can drink

Why are vacuoles important for our cell?

to give the plant water

What role does water play in a cell?

Water plays a very important role in cells. The water in the cell protects it from damage by equalizing the pressure on the inside and outside of the cell walls.

Why is water important to body function?

Just about every cell in the body requires water for proper functioning. Without water, cell death occurs fairly rapidly.

Why is water important for a cell?

Most chemical reactions in cells require water. Water is the main ingredient in DNA.

What in the cell was stores important materials like water and materials?


What would happen if the cell didn't have Golgi apparatus?

if there is no Golgi apparatus in the cell then the whole water concentration of the cell would be disturbed. as it is the only organelle in the cell which is responsible for water balance in the cell . So it is very important that a cell should have a Golgi apparatus in it.

How does the contractile in a paramecium help maintain homeostasis?

excess water out of the cell. The control of water content within the cell is just one example of an important process. :]

Why is water important to the cell?

Because it provide's medium for many chemical reactions.

How does osmosis occour?

It occurs when the medium surrounding the cell has a higher water concentration than the cell, the cell will gain water. At the same time many important molecules, and particles for growth, also move from one cell to another.

What is the important cell in the plant cell?

The niggger cell is most important cell.

Why are hydrophobic substances important in cells?

It ensures that certain key components or activities of a cell are not destroyed when the cell is exposed to water

Why is water important in the cell?

most chemical reactions within cells could not take place without water

What are the two most important characteristics of the lipid bilayers found in cell membranes?

Lipid bilayers are important because of their impermeability by water solutions and their regulation of ion intake into the cell.

What structures are important to the permeability of a cell membrane?

A cell membrane is in every plant and animal and it lets in water, nutrients, and food to the cell. The membrane MUST be permeable because then it wouldn't of let the in water, nutrients, and food into the cell. If the membrane was stiff, the molecules of water, nutrients, and food would not be able to fit into the cell.

Why will a animal cell burst if they swell with water but plant cells will not?

Plant cells have a cell wall, which is important for support and to maintain rigidity. If the plant cell swells with water, the cell wall stops it from bursting. Animal cells do not have cell walls, and so they are not protected from bursting.

Why is water is important to cells?

Water molecules are essential in the cytoplasm (the cell yolk - a viscous material present within the cell). They help maintain the shape of the cell. Water molecules are also involved in many of the biochemical reactions that occur within cells

Why water is so important to cell growth and development?

water is so important to us because we are made of water and we lose it by sweat and when sweat comes out you need to put water in so yea. :) hope this helps.

What are two important uses of water in the body?

Water is polar, which means it has a slightly positive side and a slightly negative side. Due to this polarity, water is able to break down molecules in the body. Another good use of water in the body is that when a cell is becoming dehydrated, water around the cell, if it is in higher concentration than the water in the cell, can diffuse into the cell and rehydrate it.

What is a function of cell membrane in all cells?

a cell membrane helps with the process diffusion. the cell membrane allows water to equal out between the outside and inside of the cell. if the cell gets to full of waters it will burst it the cell does not have enough water it will shrivel up. so a membrane is important to keeping the balance in a cell.

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