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The bonds between the Hydrogen and Oxygen are strong and no more Oxygen can bond. (Combustion is rapid oxidation).

If you separate the Hydrogen from the Oxygen (through pyrolysis for example) the mixture is explosive.

A2. The hydrogen has already burnt to make water. It cannot be burnt again.


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Water is already water so when water goes with water it becomes water then you add salt and water and it becomes salt water so you take your salt water and take your water in the water and mix the water in the water with the salt water it becomes the water in the water with salt water


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Water does not float on more water. Water combines into ... water.

No. If you add water to water you just get more water :)

Well, if you add water to water, the first water dissolves into the second water. But when that happens, it just makes more water. That shows that water does not dissolve water. So you can't dissolve water in water. Hope the answer was useful!

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Water is regulated in water cycle. Hence, water is involved in water cycle.

Water evaporates into water vapour, and water vapour condenses into water.

pure and impure water. That is correct but pure water is distilled water and impure water is tap water, or natural water.

new York's water is neither ground water or surface water it is sky water

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Water floats and sinks in water because water in water results in the mixing and diffusion of the water in the other water. This may sound silly, but the question was one dealing with water in water. The mixture of water and water will, after a time, become one homogenous volume of liquid.

River water is the most impure water source among river water, sea water, and Lake water.

Lake Erie, the Ohio River, the Delaware river, Perrier, bottled water, tap water, potable water, boiling water, hot water, warm water, lukewarm water, tepid water, cold water, carbonated water,

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Yes, water cycle cleans the water. Rain water is purest form of water.

Water is a universal solvent and there are two types of water i.e hard water and soft water. Soft water is the water that easily lather with soap.

Rain water is the normal water we use the water and purify it to drinking water which is why people say rain water is pure form and drinking water is purified water

Of course. Fresh water floats on salt water, warmer water floats on cooler water, and ice floats on any water.

No. Its called water. Ice is water, water is water, water vapor is water; all are in different states of the same compound.

When water is water vapor it is in the form of a gas. When water is just water by itself it is a liquid. When water is in a form such as ice it is a solid.

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