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I had a 95 dx with the same problem. Water/condensation is comming from the a/c. This water is supposed to run underneath on to the ground, water flow pipes are blocked. When air conditioner is on the water builds up and over flows back into the car, the a/c unit is located on the pass side .

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I hear water in the passenger side of dashboard of my 1995 Honda civic?

Water in the passenger side of the dashboard means the evaporator core is leaking. This needs to fix quickly as it will cause the inside of the car to be filled with water.

Why is water leaking onto the front passenger side floorboard of 89 Honda civic?

your ac might be clogged or your draining hose is clogged. its in that area

Why is there water leaking onto the passenger side floor of your 96 Honda accord?

Condensation from air conditioning?

Why is your 2006 Honda Civic leaking water from the engine?

Blew a gasket, radiator overheated or rusted out or stuck thermostat top 3.

How do you replace water pump of 95 Honda Civic ex?

change water pump 95 Honda civic ex

How do you change the front passenger window weatherstripping on a Honda civic?

To change the front passenger window weatherstripping on a Honda Civic first open the door. Pull the old stripping off and remove the door panel. Use a water proof sealant and place the new weatherstripping around the window.

What could cause water on the passenger side floor on a 1990 Honda Accord after it rains?

It could be a door seal or more likely the windshield is leaking.

Water leak in a 92 Honda civic hatch dx water leaking into the car making the carpet wet on both the passenger side and the drivers side have removed and replaced the cowel how do you remove the dash?

TSB 92-050 Cause: Not enough sealer on the cowl side of the panel to bulkhead seam.

Can a 1992 Honda Civic water pump be used on a 1995 Honda Civic?

as long as there has been no engine swapping going on, yes

Where is my Honda Civic water tank?

in your back yard??

Why is water leaking in and soaking both driver and passenger side carpet?

have your heater core checked its probually leaking

Is 92 Honda Accord LX water pump same as 92 Honda Civic LX?

No, they are not the same.

Where is water pump on 1995 Honda civic?

inside t belt

Where is the water pump located on a 1993 Honda Civic LX?

The water pump on a 1993 Honda Civic is found on the driver side of the engine bay. The pump assembly can be seen next to the timing belt.

Leaking ac water on passenger floor?

There is a drain on the outside firewall that is clogged.

Why is water in the passenger compartment?

more than likely the heater core is leaking

Why is water leaking on passenger side of 1995 cadillac?

AC condensation drain.

Why is water leaking in your 1997 civic hatchback trunk?

Check the rear window washer resivoir.

Why is 2003 impala water on passenger floor?

you could have a heater core leaking or your windshield is leaking and the water is running down behind the dash and onto the floor.

What is a water pump in a Honda Civic?

The pump in the cooling system of an automobile that cause the water to circulate.

Why does water leak on passenger side floorboard s10?

If that water is engine coolant, the heater core is leaking.

Where is thermostat located on a 1986 Honda Civic?

It is in the big water hose on the in side

Where water pump at on 95 Honda civic 1.6?

it runs on the timing belt

What causes water inside the passenger side of a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe?

Either the heater core is leaking, the windshield is leaking, or there is a leak around the cowl. If the water tastes sweet it is a leaking heater core.

Why is there a water puddle in the passenger floorboard of your 2004 dodge Dakota?

heater core is leaking.