Why is water needed by cells?

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They use water to dissolve and dissolving is a big part of the cell because chemical reaction takes place inside of water.

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Needed by all plants to carry nutrients to cells and wastes away from cells?


What are three reasons cells need water?

there is actually only one reason water is needed. water is needed for a cell to obtain energy

Cells get most of their water by?

The cell gets most of the water by the vacuole which stores the water and gives it to the cell when needed

What is water needed for in your bodies?

Water is mainly needed for your cells and cells need water because: - (Intake of) water maintains the osmotic pressure inside a cell. - Water is used to dissolve most chemicals the cell needs to function (no fatty acids) - Water is used in transportation of food and waste.

What is the function of xylem cells?

Xylem is a type of cell that distributes water throughout a plant. They have specialized cells that help water flow up a plant, to get where it is needed.

Why is water needed by plants?

water is necessary for proper cells to function in all living thing's they can grow and photosynthesis

Why are cutin stomata and guard cells absent in elodea?

Cutin, stomata and guard cells are used for water loss prevention. These are not needed because Elodea is a water plant.

Why is oxygen needed by cells?

to produce assorted waste products like oxygen and water

What is needed for cellular respiration to occur in cells reactants?

Water,optimum temperature,oxygen,certain ions and enzymes are needed for cellular respiration.

Are carbohydrates needed to make new body cells?

Yes. But protein and water is more necessary.

What vitamin is needed for respiration in cells?

Vitamin C is needed for respiration in cells.

Why do cells need water?

For function. The lipids are a tiny molecule that make up membranes, cells, oils, and fats. The heads are attracted to water and need it to survive.also, WATER IS NEEDED FOR ALL HUMAN FUNCTIONS

Why is water such an important component of cytoplasm?

water is essential in order to preform the process needed to turn nutrients into energy the cells can use.

Which organelle may store water needed chemicals wastes and pigments in plant cells?

Central Vacuole

Would diffusion happen in dead cells?

Yes it can happen. Only a water potential gradient is needed

What compound is needed for most chemical reactions to take place in cells?

Most chemical reactions within cells could not take place without water.

What is vacuole and how does it work?

A vacuole is an organelle that holds water and other needed materials for cells, much like a pool. While plant cells are well known to have large vacuoles to conserve water for dry days, other cells have different purposes.

Why are prokaryotic cells needed?

because they have multiple cells

What three substances needed to be transported into all kinds of animal cells in order fo them to survive?

Protein and water.

Remain in reserve then turn into plasma cells when needed?

what remains in reserve then turns into plasma cells when needed to

Why are solar cells needed on the calculator?

They aren't needed, most calculators use batteries not solar cells.

What do leaf cells have that root cells do not have?

leaf cells contain chlorophyll which is found in the chloroplast cells which absorb the sunlight to cause photosynthesis. root cells are to collect the water and nutrients in the soil and as no sunlight reaches the bottom for the root cells chlorophyll isn't needed for the root cell

Only cells can produce other cells?

Stem cells. that is why they are needed for research

A mineral needed by bone cells?

A mineral needed by bone cells is called calcium. It is essential for structure, strength, and growth of the bones and bone cells.

What carries needed substances to body cells?

Needed substances are carried to the body's cells by RBC's, or red blood cells. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, a substance that allows proteins to bond to them. However WBC's(white blood cells) provide the body's cells with much needed protection.