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Why is water not used as a liquid in a thermometer?


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if you put water in a thermometer and it gets hot the water expands and might and burst and when it gets to cold it freezes

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For a thermometer we need a liquid which properly expands and contracts according to the temprature. Water doesn't has that property, i.e. the expansion in water is to small to be used as a liquid in theremometer.

what is teh desirable properties of using liquid crystal thermometer?

it is used in liquid form as in room temperature the mercury is in liquid

Water - Galileo Galilei invented a rudimentary water thermometer in 1593 which, for the first time, allowed temperature variations to be measured

A thermometer is used to measure air temperature, or the temperature within a solid or liquid.

gas thermometer are more sensitive then liquid thermometer

The liquid in the thermometer must steady its temperature first before measuring the temperature of the warm water as the warm water is hotter.

because water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius

The red liquid in a liquid-in-glass thermometer is mineral spirits or ethanol alcohol mixed with red dye. A grey or silver liquid inside the thermometer is mercury. Mercury thermometers are not used anymore due to the dangers associated with mercury.

water doesnt undergo significant thermal expansion. alcohol expands more when it's heated

The question must be asked carefully. If the thermometer is in water ice and there is no liquid water, and there is one atmosphere of pressure, the thermometer can read anything from the freezing point of water and lower, depending on the range of the thermometer. If the thermometer is in a stable mix of water and ice, it will read the freezing point of water.

Because that liquid in thermometer is actually a kind of metal called mercury (atomic symbol Hg). And like all metals it expand when heated. Hot water contains heat. --------------------------------------------- Because the liquid in the thermometer expands when it is warmed. As it expand it takes up more space and therefore rises up the measuring tube of the thermometer.There is liquid in some thermometer but, most have chemicals in it!!!!!!!!!!!

The wide temperature range at which it is a liquid.

what is the red liquid in the thermometer called

The liquid is an antiseptic used to sterilise it. You wouldn't want to be contaminated with any bacteria or viruses from the last person who used the thermometer, would you?

mercury is used in a liquid thermometer

Mercury the liquid inside thermometer is mercury.. but it is called thermometric liquid.

A liquid in glass thermometer should be used to measure the temperature of a liquid.

fever thermometer is used by the doctors and they are adjusted to body temperature whereas lab thermometer is adjusted to liquid temperature

I used a Jelly/ Desert thermometer

Mercury - it's a metal that is liquid at room temperature.

Water freezes at too high a temperature.

because water is a normal liquid that they cannot measuring like temperature and because water has a oxygen that they can use in high measuring.

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