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Why is water reflective?

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The surface tension of the water creates a smooth surface. Light, as well as images captured by the eyes, are reflected on that smooth surface.

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What are the Factors affecting reflective nature of water?

There are many things that affect the reflective nature of water some of these include the depth of the water, materials that are in the water, and the surface roughness of the water.

How do you get reflective water on Jurassic park operation genesis?

Go into the data files, and then go into one of the ini files. Scroll across until you find reflective water then change 'false' to 'true'

Does a pentagon have a reflective symmetry?

A pentagon does have reflective symmetry.

Does a hexagon have reflective symmetry?

it has both reflective and rotational symmetry

When was Reflective Records created?

Reflective Records was created in 1993.

Does e have reflective symetry?

No but capital E has reflective symmetry

What is the difference between self-reflexive and self-reflective?

Reflective- post event Reflexive- during action

Where can I get the best deal on running reflective gear?

It all depends on what kind of reflective gear you are looking for. has cheap reflective vest while has cheaper reflective bracelets.

Why sheep have a reflective coating of the eye?

Sheep have a reflective coating of the eye for night vision. Humans do not share this reflective coating of the eye.

What is a reflective statement?

you're the cream in my coffee is it a reflective function of language

What is a reflective sunburn?

A reflective sunburn is a sunburn that doesn't last long.

What types of surface reflect well?

Any surface with a reflective property such as mirrored glass, tinfoil, and water.

What rhymes with perspective?

Some words which rhyme with perspective arereflectivecorrectivedirectiveirrespectivereflectiveelectiveSelective, defective, detective, reflective...

Example of reflective essays?

There are many people who have written reflective essays in the world. Gandhi was one famous individual who wrote reflective essays.

What material will make you visible at night?

reflective gear such as reflective jackets ECT.

Does a rectangle have a reflective line of symmetry?

Yes - it has two lines of reflective symmetry.

How do you see vampire?

According to mythology, vampires can be seen directly, but not in a reflective surface such as a mirror (or a clear body of water).

What is reflective?

Reflective can mean thinking quietly about past events, or something that reflects light.

How many lines of reflective symmetry does an octagon have?

An octagon has 8 lines of reflective symmetry.

What is reflective smile?

I believe that a reflective smile is the kind of smile that makes you smile when you see it.

How do you get raflective water on Jurassic Park Operation Genesis for PC?

There is a program in your JPOG Folder which has the settings in it. Just click on this and there are things about resolution grass detail, texture detail, etc... Below that there is a check box which says "Reflective Water" Check it and Click Play Game. Then you should have reflective water from then on. If ou don't want it anymore just uncheck the box.

What is reflective morality?

Reflective morality is the internalized version of right and wrong from the elements of our upbringing. Reflective morality can include both religious morality, customary morality, and empathy.

Why a smooth and shiny surface is required for reflection?

It isn't.... take water for example it isn't "smooth" or "shiny" but has reflective properties

What is a reflective person?


Are you reflective when you write in a journal?

Yes, diary or journal writing can be very reflective of your own life.