Why is well water making the pool green?

Adding well water to your pool to top it off or fill is a common issue and typically can add metals to your pool. Depending upon your area (our for example is heavy in iron and manganese) metal deposit are put right from your well to your pool. It is common for those with water softeners inside their homes to think that it would not be an issue but most of the time your outside spigots are not connected to the softener so you end up with metals. Greenish/Limish color usually a sign copper which can be eliminated by using a metal sequistor chemical found in your local pool shop. Follow the label directions as far as PH levels, amount of time to continuously run filter and make sure you backwash after time suggested otherwise the metals can filter right back in. Hope this helps. www. prospectpoolsllc.com/blog or www.prospectpoolsllc.com