Why is white bread cheaper than brown bread if it takes more time and energy to remove and bleach it?

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This is my guess. When white bread became popular, the bakeries geared up to make it on a large scale. Switching back and forth, and keeping track of different products and different labling costs money. So NOT bleaching some of it costs moneh.

Compare tea bags vs. loose tea. The bags were more expensive when they were invented, but as more and more people chose to buy them, loose tea became a deviation and some packers stopped fooling with the loose.
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Does wheat bread mold faster than white bread?

well it doesn't matter they mold at the same rate unless one is covered. If his is for a paper write that bacteria can't live in dehydrated food or freeze-dryed food because there is no moisture and bacteria needs mousiture to live

Why does white bread mold faster than wheat bread?

White bread doesn't necessarily mold faster than whole wheat bread. (White bread is usually made from wheat.) It depends upon the formulations, the quality of the ingredients, the processing conditions, storage conditions and the handling by all parties involved. Check the wheat bread ingredients ( Full Answer )

Does white bread have more vitamins than whole wheat bread?

No. White Bread has way more calories in it then wheat bread. Wheat Bread has Fiber, Vitamins B and E, Selenium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, AND lignans in it. There for it is very healthy for you and way healthyier than the original white bread.

Why is brown bread healthier than white bread?

I'm a big supporter of bread but not the kind most people buy. What I'd prefer to say is brown bread is less bad for you than white bread. With white bread the wheat is ground up much more finely than brown causing more surface area. After vegetables, and fruits are picked (same with meats) they ( Full Answer )

Which decays first brown bread or white bread?

Answer: White bread decays first as it holds more moisture, whereas brown bread has more chemicals to keep it fresh. Answer: The rate at which bread will deteriorate depends upon many things including: the formulation, the use of preservatives, the quality of the ingredients, the cleanliness of ( Full Answer )

How much more wheat is in brown bread compared to white bread?

Actually, it's not a matter of how much wheat is contained in the bread, it's the part of the wheat that is used. Whole-Grain bread uses just that, the whole grain, including the fiber-rich outer bran and the vitamin rich middle (the "germ"). The milling process for white flour removes these portion ( Full Answer )

Does wholemeal bread have more fibre than white bread?

well obviously yes. the flour is made up of the whole of the wheat including the part with all the fibre in it. if you take a look at wholemeal flour it has bits in it when you sieve it. that's the fibre. Yes, but wholemeal shouldn't be confused with wholewheat. Whole meal flour contains around ( Full Answer )

Is wholemeal better than white bread?

Yes, it is. white flour used to make white bread is bleached and processed (some countries use nasty chemicals to do this). The Brown flour is much less refined, and a more 'natural' product. White bread may also contain more sugars and additives. This is, of course, subject to which brand of br ( Full Answer )

Why does white bread have more fiber than wholemeal bread?

White bread normally doesn't have more fiber, unless artificial fiber is added before the bread is baked. Whole wheat bread is more nutritious because the flour isn't bleached and all of the wheat germ is still left in. If the brand of white bread says it has more fiber, they are using fiber from an ( Full Answer )

Does white or wheat bread have more fat?

That will depend completely upon the particular recipe. But if the only difference in recipes is the flour and you meant to say "whole wheat" rather than just "wheat" [white bread is wheat bread], then the whole wheat will have more fat.

Does white bread have more nutrients than wheat?

Enriched white bread can easily contain more nutrients than so-called 'wheat' bread. Generally, whole wheat bread is the best bread to get, however, be sure to carefully examine the label for nutrient content. Caveat emptor!

Is wheat breads better for you than white bread?

Yes, because there is more nutrients in wheat breads than white. Although white may taste better "Whole wheat" breads is the way to go if you want to have a healthier choice!

Why is wheat bread better for you than white bread?

It has to do with the way your body breaks down sugars. White bread has simple sugars, which are empty calories. Wheat bread has more complex sugars, and provide more energy. Also, wheat bread has more fiber.

Is brown bread better than white?

Better meaning better for you, then yes. However, better as in which an individual believes to taste better, differs from person to person. Some prefect brown (wheat) bread while others prefer white.

Which bread will get more mold white or wheat?

Most say that wheat bread is the one to get more mold on it! but you never know unless u try for yourself! Its a good experiment to look up to! Then maybe u will be able to answer that for all of us to know! lol...... ( that's only if your up to a good challenge!) :)

Can white bread be healthier than brown bread?

The white bread can be healthier, usually if it is only white-wheat, though. Wheat (brown bread) is healthier than just plain white bread because it had vitamins, calcium, and nutrients.

Which bread is the best brown bread or white bread and why?

Whole grain (brown) bread is better than white (refined) breadnutritionally. Whole grain bread, which is typically made withwheat, rye, or oat flour, retains the entire grain when producingthe bread. Whole grains are very good for you. White bread containsrefined flour, typically refined wheat flour ( Full Answer )

Does brown bread have less calories than white bread?

It has more or less same amount of calories as white bread but the reason people take brown bread is because it doesn't easily get digested so therefore you don't get hungry so quickly after eating your breakfast!!! And with brown bread energy is released slowly and steadily!!

Which is cheaper white or brown bread?

It depends on who is selling it. Generally white bread tends to be cheaper because it's mass produced and more people buy white than brown. It contains far less nutritionally than brown or wholemeal and really has not much more in it than cotton wool! That's why you shouldn't feed white bread to duc ( Full Answer )

Why do peanuts have more energy than bread?

Peanuts have more energy than bread because peanuts have more fat, and they are much more oily than bread, so the answer is that because peanuts contain more fat than bread, so they attend to have more energy than bread .

What has more sugar in it brown or white bread?

so ive been told brown bread has a lot more sugar in it than white so its not as healthy as people think it also take a lot longer to digest than white so can be sitting there a while it also has links to cancer and illness correct me if im wrong

Is wheat bread better for than white bread?

Whole wheat bread has the whole kernel of wheat crushed and used in the bread. I don't think there is much difference nutritionally between plain non-whole wheat bread and white bread. A lot of wheat (non-whole wheat) bread is just colored brown to make it look healthier. Whole wheat bread is health ( Full Answer )

Is making bread cheaper then buying bread?

it matters on the type of bread your making cause of the ingredients prices. you could use a calculator and add the prices. when you make your own bread you can make it however you want to cause it is your bread.

Is there more carbohydrates in white bread?

White bread contains more easily broken down carbohydrates than other breads like wheat. White bread causes a big insulin spike in the body causing it to burn more carbs for energy than burning its fat reserves like it is designed to do. White bread doesnt have more carbs so to say just worse carbs ( Full Answer )

Do wheat bread mold faster than white bread?

white bread is going to mode faster cause theres no grains in them but wheat is going to last longer dont know how but there going to lasted longer then white bread

What is white and brown swirl bread?

White and brown swirl bread is a pumpernickle and rye combo--the rye is very dark and the pumpernickle is lighter in color. The two doughs are rolled together when the loaf is formed before baking.

Is white bread the worst bread?

No its actually good for you it does not contain a lot of fat perfect for a toast with butter

Does white bread have less gluten than wheat bread?

No, they both are made from wheat flour and have the same glutenlevel (wheat flour just includes the wheat germ and sometimes someof the husk). To reduce the gluten you need nonwheat flours like rice flour.