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White chicken meat (breast) is leaner, has more protein and less fat content than dark chicken meat. In essence it is a more healthful choice, although red chicken meat does have more iron. Still, the real question being asked here is about market pricing, which always comes back to supply and demand. Is the greater demand for white meat due to its being more healthful? This is undoubtedly a factor, but the average consumer is far more concerned with taste than healthful eating choices, so in all probability, there is more demand for white meat because people like it better. Also, there is less white meat than dark on a chicken, so less supply, although genetically modified chickens will probably soon have larger breasts, and/or white meat growing on parts of their bodies that were previously dark. Some day, meat will be grown through cell division in test tube conditions. At that time, supply will be controlled to exactly meet demand and the price of light and dark meat will be identical. And dark meat parts of the chicken contain a higher bone to meat ratio, making it less valuable, as you are paying for less meat per weight.

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Q: Why is white chicken meat more expensive than dark chicken meat?
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