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You really have to be careful about who you ask that question! Good thing you choose a swimming pool forum. Making some assumptions that you have a D.E. filter with a backwash valve. You have two possible problems. First there is a problem inside the filter with either the grids/flex tubes, manifold, stand pipe "O" ring, Stem "O" ring or diaphragm depending on what type of filter. If you have the white power (D.E.) coming into the pool all the time the problem is inside your filter. Grids and flex tubes tend to last about 10 years depending on how much you run your filter and how well you take care of your water chemistry. If you only get the D.E. in the pool while you are adding it to the skimmer. You have a problem with the multiport valve, the seal(s) or spring if you have a dial valve. You may want to have a professional check this out for you.

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Q: Why is white powder pumping back into your pool?
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Why do you have White powder stains in your inground pool?

A white powder that stains your in ground pool can be the result of chemicals that are not at their correct levels. Calcium hardness that is too high is known to produce a powdery substance.

What is the white powder in your pool?

White powders can be anything from undissolved chemicals to dead algae. Try to brush it up, if that fails, try to vacuum it up with your filter valve set to "waste". IF you have a DE filter - that is, you add a powder to your skimmer once in a while, and your filter contains "grids" or "fingers", then it is possible that one of your grids is torn and the DE powder is getting back into your pool. If that is the case, you need to replace your grids.

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How long should pool powder stay in the pool before you get in the pool?

1 to 2 hrs. New answer: By pool powder - do you mean dry chlorine? Minimum time may be about 20 minutes with a good circulation system. That too, depends on the quantity of the "pool powder".

How to rid Yellow algae powder in pool?

brush pool

How do you get DE powder out of the pool water?

Firstly you find out how the DE got into the pool - must be a broken filter pad. Fix that, then vacuum the pool. No point vacuuming before you fix the filter problem, or the DE will finsih up back in the pool.

Do you put white ball back in d after foul shot in pool?

yes it does

How much baking powder to a 6000 gallon pool?

Baking powder is used to raise the alkalinity of the pool. The amount to used depends on how acid the pH of the pool is before you start.

Can the white ball when placed back on the pool table be played up the table?

yes it can

When building an inground pool do the pavers have to be installed before the completion of the pool or before the final plaster of the pool?

By allmeans install them now! Pool plaster contractors love to track them up with mud plaster and stuff.They cant see it from their house!From A Pool ContractorIn pool construction, the last item to be finished is the interior surface of the pool. This helps to protect the finish as well as allow time for the circulation, pump, filter and heater system installed since you will need to fill and run your pool immediately after the interior finish is applied. To plaster a pool you need to carry in 9000 pounds of bagged white cement, white sand and white crystal powder Then you mix an apply in to the pool surface in one day. It is exceedingly difficult to contain all of the white powder and cement from this process. The good news is that diluted muriatic acid will remove stains on your coping and deck.

Why is my swimming pool cloudy?

Any particles in your pool can cause cloudiness - for example, dead algae. To eliminate it, most pool stores sell a "clarifier" - the one I sell is blue - which will get the particles out of your pool, or "alum" or "floc", which will bind the particles together, making them heavier, dropping them down to the bottom of your pool. You can then vacuum them out with your filter set to waste. If you have a DE filter, and you add a white powder to your skimmer sometimes, it is possible that your filter is leaking DE back into your pool and you need to replace the grids inside it.

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Leak detection dye can be purchased at any number of pool repair/maintenance companies/websites; it can also be found on eBay. There is no powder you can put into a swimming pool to detect a leak.

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How do you clean a pool that is almost empty and has black water and the filter is not working?

SHOCK!! Its a powder you can buy at a pool store or chemical store.. its chlorine in powder form, you just dump it in your pool stir it up a bit, wait a day or two, and the pool should be clean.

What is a white film on bottom of above ground pool?

Maybe is the chemical that you put on your pool. This is happen when you don't dilute the chlorine powder or others chemical before the application. This white film can be remove with cleaners containing acid, this accion give better results when it use a scrubbing brush.

Bubble in above ground pool pump?

Don't worry about it unless it interferes with the pumping of the water.

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How do you stop groundwater from entering the pool so you can paint it?

Keep pumping it out as it builds up but don't block it of you may end up with a pool floating up out of the ground.

How do you get rid of yellow stains on your inground pool steps that is filled with water?

buy a large bottle of vitamin C tablets. crush them into a very fine powder. Turn off your pool filter so the water is still and sprinkle the vitamin C powder on to your steps so they sink down onto the steps. The steps will instantly turn white

How can you move ground water away from an inground pool dig?

Put a gravel pit at the bottom with a means of pumping it empty. Make sure you fit a hydrostatic valve to the pool.

How do you clean a white fiberglass pool?

ask a pool care tech at your local pool supplier.

If a 30-year-old concrete pool has paint powdering into the water and a tiler says old paint can be removed with a high pressure water blaster is this workable?

Rent a powerwasher and try out different TIPS, each with a different PSI, on discrete part of above-water portion of pool. If it works, drain pool, dry pool via hot sunny days, powerwash it. Rinse by hosing down and pumping out a waste line to yard, field, etc. Refinish as you select with a product that does not powder. Fill Pool.