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Why is white smoke coming from your tailpipe when starting the ignition The oil light comes on after 800 miles of driving but there's no elevated tempand car drives fine.How long will car last?

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January 02, 2007 4:19AM

You didn't specify what year the car was,but normally white smoke indicates running rich,especially in a carburated engine.If the smoke appears after the car has set up for awhile,and doesn't last long once it's started,it could be valve stem seals worn, allowing oil to seep into the cylinders.If that is the case,it will only get worse.It will eventually cause a carbon build up on top of the pistons and foul the plugs.The oil light coming on may be due to losing oil through the bad seals.That is probably true if you have to add oil every 800 miles,and there are no obvious leaks.