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You didn't specify what year the car was,but normally white smoke indicates running rich,especially in a carburated engine.If the smoke appears after the car has set up for awhile,and doesn't last long once it's started,it could be valve stem seals worn, allowing oil to seep into the cylinders.If that is the case,it will only get worse.It will eventually cause a carbon build up on top of the pistons and foul the plugs.The oil light coming on may be due to losing oil through the bad seals.That is probably true if you have to add oil every 800 miles,and there are no obvious leaks.

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Is there a kit to install driving lights that go on when the ignition is on for a 1991 Corvette and where do the driving lights mount?

i bet it wouldn't be hard to put the headlights on the radeo power that comes on when the ignition is on...

What causes a car to backfire from tailpipe?

while driving yur car reduces speed then pulls off with speed and backfires what can cause that

1990 Chevrolet Corsica LTZ 301 ci v6 trouble starting and sputters while driving 5 to 10 miles?

Common problem with this engine is the ignition coils.

When did drunk driving start?

Immediately after you finished your last drink and turned on the ignition in your car and began driving.

What cause a droning noise when driving and appears to be coming from somewhere around the carburetor and Muffler and tailpipe have been replaced?

leaking or cracked manifold

Why does e250 van hesitate while driving after bypassing ignition switch?

There are several things that can cause your Ford E2 50 Van to hesitate while driving. The most common cause is a malfunctioning ignition switch.

What is the ignition lock in a vehicle?

A mechanism that locks the steering wheel if the ignition switch is not in the "run" position, preventing someone that is trying to steal the car by hot wiring the ignition from driving the car.

How the spark ignition engine works?

As gas flows into the ignition box, a spark is made, igniting the gasoline and the explosion starts driving the pistons.

1991 Honda Accord engine cuts out while driving?

Ignition switch

How do you charge the BMW 745LI key FOB?

By driving with the key fob in the ignition.

Can a faulty ignition coil cause sporadic stalling while driving?


Why is white smoke and gas coming out of the tailpipe?

You have a blown head gasket or cracked head. STOPdriving this vehicle immediately or you will destroy the engine. You must have this repaired.

What does it mean when a 1996 Toyota Camry shakes a lot when driving and white smoke comes out the tailpipe at start up?

IT usally means that WATER is coming out of YOUR tailpipe wich is STEAM & running ruff is Because the smoke is coming from the DEAD cylinder because the head Gasket is blown(bad) {USALLY}

Will an electronic ignition module going out cause your car to stall while you are driving it?


What happens when you get caught driving with no ignition interlock?

More trouble than it's worth

Are you guilty of drunk driving if the vehicle isn't running?

If the keys are in the ignition or within reach

Can you get a drunk driving if you were not pulled over or seen driving?

Yes. All you need to do is be in actual physical control of the vehicle (in the driver's seat with keys in the ignition).

What does white smoke coming out of tailpipe of a 1988 560 sec Mercedes mean?

It normally means you have a blown head gasket. STOPdriving this car until you have it looked at by a professional.

Use basically in a sentence?

Driving a car is basically turning on the ignition and stepping on the gas pedal.

Why would your car stop running while driving and not turn back on?

faulty ignition switch

Car won't startI turn the key the ignition lights come on but nothing happens after roll starting it and driving it for a bit switch it off and then if try to start it with the key it works?

Low battery voltage? poor battery connections?

What is the term for operating a vehicle with an elevated level of alcohol in the blood?

The term for having an excessive Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is DUI or DWI. DUI : Driving Under the Influence DWI : Driving While Intoxicated or Driving While Impaired (drugs or alcohol)

What is the purpose of ignition interlock devices?

An ignition interlock device is a device that is installed into a vehicle. It is a safety device used to prevent people from driving if their breath is noticeably concentrated in alcohol.

Why did my 2012 chysler 300 stall while driving through water?

The ignition system got wet.

What causes water and white smoke to come out of tailpipe when engine heats up?

Blown head gasket, cracked head, or both. STOP driving this car or you will destroy the engine. Have this repaired ASAP.