Why is your 1984 Honda Civic s1500 still overheating after you changed the thermostat flushed the radiator and connect a manual switch on the engine fan?

mostlikley your blocked is cracked from excessive overheating I had the overheating problem on a 1986 Honda Civic SI and a mechanic tell me to buy a new radiator cap before we do anything else since it had the original radiator cap. I replace it and it has never overheated again. You probably have a faulty water pump.....With the age of the car, i think its high time to replace it and the timing belt as well...... Ditto on the last two answers. I'd try having the system pressure tested. This is an inexpensive service at most shops. A new cap is cheap insurance. If the water pump is going bad, it may begin to leak and/or make noise. If you're close to needing a timing belt change, go ahead and replace the pump. Try the pressure test and new cap first...MUCH cheaper.