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AnswerIf you have cooling fans they could be not commming on. Or the radiator may be stopped up. Or the fan clutch not working.

The thermostat could be stuck closed.

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Q: Why is your 1985 Dodge Ram running hot?
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Why is a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 showing 'Hot' but the engine not hot after replacing thermostat and the mechanic tested with laser gun and it indicates engine is NOT running hot?

If it shows hot on the gauge and it is not hot, there is a gauge or sensor problem.

Your dodge RAM 1997 truck runs hot at 200 to 210 all the time is that normal?


Is it normal for a dodge RAM 1997 truck to run hot at 200 to 210 all the time?

That is about normal.

How can you disable your 2004 dodge ram 1500 from starting your husband may try to hot wire it?

Hot wiring a 2004 Ram is almost impossible. If you to prevent the truck from starting, just remove the battery.

Why does only one heater hose to firewall gets hot on 1998 dodge ram 1500?

The core is probably plugged.

If a 2000 dodge stratus is running hot and there is a leak could it be the water pump going bad?


You have little heat in your 2000 dodge ram top hose is hot btm is not?

check your thermostat. or maybe your radiator is plugged up.

How do I Wire up topper brake light on dodge ram?

Just connect it to one of the brake lights hot lead, and ground it to the truck.

My air conditioner in my dodge ram 1500 blows cold then switches to hot by itself?

This frequently happens when the heater coil is going bad.

Your 1994 dodge shadow heat gauge shows hot but the engine is not running hot what could this be?

You probably could A) replace the gauge or B) take it to a dealership and have them look at it

Why does the air conditioner in a Dodge ram 1500 blow hot air to the passenger and cool air to the driver at the same time?

That can happen if they are low on freon.

Your 98 Dodge Ram blows hot air at 40mph and smells like antifreeze for no reason?

heater core is more than likely leaking..

1996 Doge ram truck will not start when it is hot?

1996 doge ram truck will not start when it is hot?

What does it mean when one side blows cold and the other side blows hot on a dodge ram 1500 4x4?

i need your help on this one my own self

What is the positive wire in the ignition coil in the dodge ram 1500 1999 sport edition?

Dg/Or color. Will only be hot when the computer actuates the asd relay.

Why does air conditioner in a dodge ram 1500 blow hot air all the time?

You are out of freon. Go to your regular mechanic and ask him to test and fill your system.

1999 dodge ram van 1500 air conditioning and heater stopped working and now is running hot?

if the heater stoped working it sounds like a restriction or total blockage in the coolant lines, or its your water pump. take it to a shop as this can kill the motor through over heating.

What are the release dates for Hot Properties - 1985?

Hot Properties - 1985 was released on: USA: 1985

98 dodge 2500 4wd engine not running hot enough?

I have a 2001 Dodge 3500 that was not getting up to operating temperature. I changed the thermostat and that fixed it. I guess the thermostat was stuck open.

Dodge ram has smoke coming through vents in dash and dash is hot to the touch?

Sounds like the inside of the dash is on fire. I'd recommend a fire extinguisher.

2002 dodge ram 1500 4.7 liter heater not working blows but not hot air?

we changed radaitor & thermastate , now heater blows cold air

Does the 1997 dodge caravan have a heat sensor that shuts down the car when the temp is too hot?

No. It will keep running until the engine is ruined.

How do you fix 98 dodge durango running hot?

broken thermostat; blocked hose to radiator or hole in hose; leak in radiator; etc..

Why would my 2006 dodge ram diesel AC blow hot air?

Heater control cable not adjusted properly? Compressor not starting due to a low refrigerant charge?

Why would front AC blow hot and rear AC blow cold on a 2000 Dodge Ram Van?

think about it they have independent control thus they have separate cooling systems