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I would have the transmission checked , because the toqure converter may be ready to lock up permenitly

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What is cheese jerky?

jerky that is dipped in cheese!!! :)

What is sentence for jerky?

I love beef jerky.

Is beef jerky chew tobacco?

No. It is dehydrated strips of beef. But there are things such as chicken jerky, deer jerky.

What is jerky cure?

Jerky Cure is something you use to season and prepare meat for drying to make jerky.

What is the best meat for beef jerky?

jerky beef

Is jerky a perishable food?

Yes jerky can spoil.

What meat do you use for beef jerky?

To make beef jerky, you can use any cut of beef. However, you can make turkey jerky using turkey or chicken jerky with chicken, etc. You can make jerky with most any kind of meat.

What cut of meat is jerky made from?

Jerky can be made from any type of meat. I've eaten turkey jerky, deer jerky, pork jerky, beef jerky, buffalo jerky and a couple of others. Jerky is basically just dried meat. Many people make their own by laying the strips of meat on a cookie sheet, basting it with teriyaki and drying it at a low temp in the oven. It can also be dried in the sun if there is a way to keep critters off of it. Just look up jerky recipes in your favorite search engine.

Who invented beef jerky?

Indians invented beef jerky.

Is jerky a meat?

Jerky is made from meat, so, yes it is meat!

Is jerky a noun?

Yes the word jerky can be a noun. It is a piece of meat.

Do you have alligator jerky?

Yes, some people make alligator jerky.

Is turkey jerky pork?

No, turkey jerky is made from turkey meat.

What is Venice jerky?

Two words. Deer Jerky :3 and its the best thing ever if cooked correctly next to gator jerky! <33333

Did Pirates eat Jerky?

Caribbean Pirate's carried dried meats now called Jerky. It was salted and dried by the Sun. "Pirate Jerky"

Does beef jerky have worms?

Properly stored beef jerky should not have worms.

How much protein in beef jerky?

there is about 9grams in each beef jerky stick!

When was Jerky Turkey created?

Jerky Turkey was created on 1945-04-07.

What was the Production Budget for The Jerky Boys?

The Production Budget for The Jerky Boys was $4,000,000.

How do you make deer jerky in dehydrator?

Go here, most of the recipes are dehydrator.

Where can I find a beef jerky marinade recipe?

If you're looking for a spicy beef jerky marinade recipe, you should definitely check out This site offers all kinds of recipes for beef jerky, including spicy! also offers several spicy jerky recipes.

Can you make any meat jerky if you do not have a dehydrater if so how?

You can make jerky in your oven. For instructions see: Look under Beef & Veal>Oven Beef Jerky. There's a delicious marinade for jerky under Marinades & Gravies>Jerky Marinade. You can use these recipes for venison also.

Does bigfoot like beef jerky?

Nobody knows he never got the jerky on the commerical.

What is the white on dehydrated jerky?

If there's white in your jerky, it could possibly be fat in the meat.

How do you make jerky chew?

Put the jerky into a hand chopper thing or food processor