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Why is your 2000 Pontiac Montana blowing cold air?


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You should check the thermostat and the fuse for the heater.

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Ask this question again. Is the question no blowing or blowing cold?

There are 2 filters you access in the glove box. If they are dirty you get almost no air. Clean or replace them and be amazed at the difference

did you check the heater core because my truck did that and that was what was wrong

Because you don't have enough coolant in your radiator.

when turning on air conditionor for cold air only get hot

try testing icm free at autozone must be off car to test

you need a new thermostat and possibly some anitfreeze

check the coolant level, or, possible stuck thermostat.

if its blowing, but not blowing cold its low on coolant. it takes r134a.

Could be low coolant, stuck thermostat, bad heater control head (if climate control)

Apparently when its hot it should be higher than the cold level I read this in my owners manuel .. not very helpful..

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Check the coolant system to make sure you have enough antifreeze. Also is your thermostat working?

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What do you mean by "has no heat"? No air blowing out, blowing out cold air when heater is on, blowing nothing at all? Heater not turning on? What specifically is happening?

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