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It's never a good idea to replace parts as a diagnostic tool. You should first determine what's wrong. A jumper wire to the starter bendix would tell you if the starter is ok. If you're not getting voltage from the keyswitch when you try to start the engine, follow back to see what's not making connection. I'd be suspicious of the neutral lockout switch on the gearshift or possibly even the keyswitch itself, but don't just run off and replace parts until you've checked them out. That just introduces potential for MORE to be wrong. Before, you only had one thing wrong, but with every component that you replace, you introduce the potential for something else to be bad or connected improperly.

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Q: Why is your 93 cadillac deville not starting you thought it was the starter so you bought one but its not you thought it might be the gear shift but its not that either?
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Need more info really. More likely to be the other way around I would have thought. How is it wired, and from where? What are you trying to do, and what is the result. DId you put it in yourself? P

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Why would brand new starter be making a loud grinding noise?

My first thought is that it may be on the flywheel, or it could be the starter is not the correct one for your make and model..just food for thought..

Why is your ignition fuse burning out on your 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXI?

To fix this on my car I thought I needed a new starter but when I went to take the starter out the bolt holding the positive cable on the starter wasn't very tight so I thought maybe that's it. Well that was the problem so I took back the $160 starter and the fuse never blew again.

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When i turn the ignition over it makes a clicking noise but it wont turn over or start. 1990 Chevy truck?

my first thought would be to check the starter . if you can tap on the starter and it starts after have a bad starter .

Why does the temperature on a Cadillac Seville keep climbing even thought the engines is not hot?

Your thermostat is probably not opening.

93 Nissan 240sx Turn the key and the car does nothing thought is was the ignition switch but that did not fix it Any Idea's about this starting problem?

try the starter this happened to me once it didnt do anything when i turned on the ignititon but i could push start it

You thought your starter went on your windstar you bought a new one and the same thing is happening it just clicks when you try to start it?

The problem is not in the starter. Check the starter solenoid/relay switch or look for a loose battery cable connection.

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What does it mean if your new starter is making a grinding noise and creating sparks when the engine is running?

1st thought is you need shims if the flywheel is hitting the starter. What is the year and model of the vehicle?

What do you do now since you had the alternator tested and it passed?

I remember having a problem with my car not starting, it was a hassle because there I was removing parts by myself, at first I thought it was the alternator, after testing it and passed I took my battery to be tested, it also passed, so the las thing to remove and test was the starter. I end up replacing the starter.....remember to buy a lifetime warranty starter with a core it's cheaper and help you to save money. Good Luck

Have 351 windsor two of them a 1986 and 1990 both with same problem when the starter engages it slips on the fly wheel replaced starter and fly wheel and it still does it never had this problem onford?

I'm not sure what you mean by "slips". Is the starter making a grinding noise or does the starter sound like it is missing the flywheel completely? My first thought was a bad starter drive (part of the starter) but if you replaced the starter with a new one it shouldn't be that.

Ihave a 1999 King quad the starter solenoid clicks but the starter makes no sound Loose wire or dead starter Where is the starter?

The starter is located just behind the top end of the engine. I have a '99 king quad. Mine solenoid clicks too. I thought it was a loose wire because sometimes it would turn over but I took it in and was told i need a new stARter. they run about $75.

Your 1988 astro won't start you'll turn the key and theres nothingno gauge lights you thought your battery was dead so you jumped itbut didnt work you thought it was your starter so you got it tested?

have the ignition switch tested, does the car have a remote solenoid for the stater. you can also try putting vehicle in neutral then try starting it. sometimes this will reset the safety switch check fuses there is a fuse that will stop it starting

1994 Cadillac deville stop running while driving?

Put Gas in the tank.Put Gas in the tank.I have a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, and it died at 70 mph, and it did that three times, weeks apart, before we figured out it was the fuel pump. Thought it was electrical because the pump fuse would blow each time. So finally we changed the fuel, with much cost, and that solved the problem. Now it's been many months without the car shutting down on the hiway at very high speed.

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Bike not starting no power to bikehad power then you thought the battery died and when you took the battery out and tried to install another one no power 2 bikeany ideas would be great thanks?

Check the 30Amp main fuse. If it's a Metric bike it will be on the starter solonoid.

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What could be wrong with 1983 harleydavidson motorcycle not wanting to turnover with pushbutton.IT WILL ONLY CLICK?

Battery down, starter motor, engine seizure. If you roll it in gear down a hill and let the clutch out does the engine turn over = not seized. Does it start = battery has charge but not sufficient to turn starter. Either battery shot (try restarting after a run) or starter needs overhaul/replacement. My First thought is starter motor brushes or starter relay. Actually, if your battery is not the problem you could simply need to replace the starter relay.

How do you replace a heater core in a 1993 sedan deville?

I just had the dealer replace mine and it was $75 for the part and $100 for the labor, so it can't be too hard to get at. I thought it would cost more than $175.