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I just had a similar problem in my 99 wagon. Check under your hood: most likely you will see two cables leading to the gear box. Older saturns used plastic clips to connect the gearshift to the rest of the assembly and, like several other parts, they're cheap. The new assembly uses metal, so it shouldn't happen again, but it's pretty common with the older models. If you have a friend move the shifter around while you're looking down the back of your engine you should be able to see the cables move (or one cable: you may have completely lost the other one depending on what happened.) Mine was 408.88 to fix with both p&l. ------------------------------ Check the cable ends. The transmission side are held on by two metal clips but the clips come off sometimes and then the cable slides off the metal pivot point. Put the cable back on the pin and order a new clip.

Also, check the bushings at the shift inside the cabin. They break and new ones can be bought off ebay.

Its rare the cable itself breaks. Usually the clips fall off and the cable comes off the tranny or the bushings inside the cabin break

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Q: Why is your 95 Saturn sli stuck in 3rd gear and the shifter just goes back and fourth?
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Why cant you change gears at all in a manual 93 Saturn SC1 its stuck in fourth and feels like its loose when you try to put it in another gear the clutch works when you push it in it goes into neutral?

maybe one of the cables that attach to the shifter and the transmission broke. one pushes forward and back one goes side to side.

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my 2002 was also stuck in park. if you turn the key one click without turning on the electricity, you can move the shift into neutral and it will work there. on the top of the brake pedal is a little white box with a little black switch on it. Move switch to the left and then turn key on and move switch back to the right two clicks and this will unlock shifter.

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The car won't go completely in park so I can not get the key out of the ignition?

the shift rod maybe bent. it is located next to the trans, right below your shifter. try straightening it out and see if that helps. Also if you cant find it have some apply the brakes and move the shifter back and fourth to see the shift rod. good luck

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How to remove stuck Volvo V70 key?

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Shifter does not go back into parking gear why?

your linkage might be bent

How do you fix a stuck shifter button on a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?

Look behind the break petal, and there is a little switch that the break petal hits. You need to take that part to the parts house. Get a new one. Hook it back up the same way. Now start your car and see if it will shift. That is the problem most of th time. If all else fails you can take off the shifter cover. Then bend the bar that keep the shifter from shiffing. This is a temporary fix, because the shifter will not lock This can cause damage if driving and the auto is knock into park, reverse, ect.

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It happens, if you can't get it to come free by pulling on the shifter, remove the access panel over the shifter, remove the shift handle from the top of the trans and use leverage to free up the linkage. Use a flashlight to see if the linkage bars are all lined up as they would be in neutral, if not manually move the odd one to meet the others. From what I can figure the little bearings that move back and forth when the gears are shifted, and prevent the wrong one from engaging while you are engaging another can sometimes get stuck half way and freeze up the linkage. Many people can free it up by wiggling and pulling on the shifter, but there are times when it's really stuck and some better leverage is needed.

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