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Why is your Siamese fighting fish always at a standstill and doesn't swim around much?

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Bettas are often lethargic when they are sick, cold or bored. If kept in small cups or vases without filtration, adequate swimming room or heating, all three will usually apply. Bettas are tropical fish that require a minimum of one gallon, with a preferred tank size of 3-5 gallons. They MUST have heaters, and tanks of 1-3 gallons are not options in climates where the water temperature will fall below 20C. Ever. If the tank does not have a filter, you should use an ammonia ionizer like ammo-lock to reduce the effects of ammonia toxicity, and change the water three times a week at a minimum.

2009-08-28 10:38:43
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How many eggs does a siamese fighting fish lay?

Usually around 200 or so.

Why are Siamese fighting fish always in small bowls?

They are always in small bowls due to their nifty way of taking oxygen directly from the air. Normal fish such as goldfish need to be in a larger tank as they can only take oxygen from the water around them, and so need more water. If you watch a Siamese Fighting Fish, you will see it come to the surface and take a mouthful of air every so often.

Fighting fish go with goldfish?

No Gold fish like water around 65F Siamese fighters need around 75F. They are totally incompatible.

Water temperature for a japanise fighting fish?

I assume you mean the 'Siamese fighting fish' (Betta splendens) they prefer to be kept at around 75F under normal conditions and 80F when breeding.

How heavy on average are Siamese cats?

My Siamese cat (male) is around 4 kilos.

What happens to a Siamese fighting fish if you drop it?

You really shouldn't be holding your Siamese fighting fish in the first place, but if it jumps out of it's tank (always keep a lid on tanks, as they are known for this!), or you drop it, just pick it back up and put it in it's tank. It should be alright, so don't panic. If it jumps out of it's tank, and you're not around to notice, when you do, try picking it up - if you can't easily pick it up, sprinkle some water on it before, as to not damage the scales - and gently put it back in it's tank. Siamese fighting fish can breathe oxygen as well, so it would be okay for a few hours if left unnoticed if it jumped out.

How do you feed Siamese fighting fish if there is 3 of them?

Well... if they are anything like Siamese fighting fish take 12 or more flakes/pellets and spread them around the tank/bowl. If two are eyeing the same piece or start fighting over one then lead one of them to another flake/pellet or drop another one near bye. Hope this helps but if it doesn't then ask your local petshop person for tips!

My Siamese fighting fish darts around the tank and flares up a lot. Why is my fighting fish so aggressive?

The water must have high ammonia and its hurting the fish. Get special drops from a pet store to fix this problem.

Is your Siamese fighting fish pregaunt its turning pale?

Siamese fighters (Bettas) are egg layers so they can't be pregnant. They do tend to loose colour if they are not looked after properly. A Betta needs around a minimum of 3 gallons of water that is heated to around 78F. It should have a permanently running filter and approximately 50% of its water should be replaced every week.

What do Siamese fighting fish do before they mate?

For the most part they are more active, they move around more, and they build a bubble nest.Also the fighting fish circle around each other and the male will show some of his dance moves off and act cool.Fighting fish will circle around each other and one of them (male) will show off his mating call or dance. As well the female fish will do a famous Chinese fighting fsh ritual dance.*i have seen them do this*

Is Siamese dangerous for allergic people?

It all depends on your allergy level, I would suggested spending time around a Siamese and see what happens.

What does it mean if your siginficant other is always mad?

that you are fighting alot or he doesn't feel comfortable around you

What are the sizes of Siamese cats?

The Siamese cat isn't the biggest cat around nor the smallest however its on the smaller side of the cats smaller then the domestic cat.

What is the habitat of a Siamese cat?

They like quiet habitats, though a Siamese cat does not have a real habitat. Most of the time it is tame, so lives around the house

How tall are Siamese cats?

Siamese cats' average height is around 12 to 15 inches (29 to 31 cm) for both male and female, while sometimes in special, or rare cases, a Siamese can be smaller than the average height.

How tall is a Siamese cat?

around 9,000 ft tall or 54,000 inches.

Which breed of cat comes from Thailand?

SiameseThere are 4 official breeds that come from ThailandClassic Siamese, the Thai aka Siamese, Korat and the latest recognised one is theKhao Manee, (even though the Khao Manee has been around for thousands of years)

Could someone descripe the appearance of a Siamese cat?

Siamese cats are black around the face and tail. They have blue eyes and more triagngular faces that an American short hair.

Siamese cats facts?

it's commonly believed that they originated in Thailand around the 14th century. For a long time, many Siamese cats had crossed eyes and crooked, kinked tails. Siamese cats were treasured by royal families in Thailand. One of the earliest known owners of a Siamese cat was actually U.S. President Rutherford B. Haye's wife, Lucyβ€”which means Siamese cats have a history in the White House, too.Β Her Siamese cat, named Siam, was a gift from a U.S. diplomat serving in Thailand.

My Siamese fighting fish is off his food he seems lethargic and his water is cold but i don't know how to make it warm?

One of the many reasons small containers are not recommended by experienced aquarists for housing Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) is that it is very hard to heat them correctly. They need to be kept around 75F to 80F. Below 65F they could very well die. My advice is to get as large a tank as you can afford and set it up with a heater/thermostat, filter, lights and plants. Your fish will then do well provided you look after it properly.

How much does a flame point Siamese cost?

Around 100 dollars if you go thru rescue!

How does a Siamese Fighting Fish get a knot in its tail?

There is no fighting fish that comes from China. Someone told you a wrong name. The correctly named "Betta splendens" also commonly called the "Siamese fighting fish" comes from the jungles and rice paddies of tropical Asia and needs constantly warm water around 78F and could not survive without heaters in icy cold China. If by "lump" you mean something that looks like a thickening along one or more of the rays of its tail (caudal) fin. This is usually scar tissue caused by the fish having had its tail damaged/ripped at some stage in its life.

Do Siamese cats have issues with being around other cats my cat hisses a lot whenever shes around another cat is this typical?

I think that most cats will hiss at another animal or cat if they were not brought up with another animal or cat. My cat is not Siamese, and she hisses at other animals and other cats, so I think that it is normal behavior for all cats, not just Siamese cats.

How does a Siamese fighter fish normally act?

If there are bubbles around the top of the bowl, it means your fish is happy :)

Do Siamese cats live in china?

No they live all around the world infact i had one here in america