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This is generally a power issue. Abusive people want to control their victims. By being around you he continues to control your emotions, bad or otherwise. Do your favor and truly learn to "get over him" by ignoring him or start seeing him for what he really is, a pathetic loser who has nothing better to do than to waste his time stalking someone who doesn't want him.

That's what I do is ignore him. I don't feel anything when I see him. All I feel is that its the past and I think why does he want to drag it on. I am over the hurt and grief so I don't know why he continues to do this when a) I ingore him b) if I am forced to say hello, I keep it at hello. So there is no point in him doing this. I am the type that when something is over I do not want to remain freinds or in touch at all and I made that very clear to him. He is not even nice when he sees me, hes rude. I will never understand these types and I will never get involved again with a loser like that.

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Q: Why is your abusive ex of four months still showing up at places you go when he knows you're over him and have moved on and don't want anything to do with him?
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