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It is probably a bad voltage regulator. Sometimes they are located in the alternator and can go bad in a new one. On Ford vehicle the voltage regulator is separate from the alternator.

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Q: Why is your alternator overcharging after you replaced it and it ran fine for a week?
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I replaced the water filter two weeks ago . Everything worked fine for a week . Now frig is not cooling and no ice cubs?

I replaced the water filter about two weeks ago. Everything worked fine for about a week. Now it does not cool

What makes a brand new one week old alternator go bad?

If your battery is not fully functioning and needs to be replaced, it can make the alternator work harder. This could cause a brand new alternator to go bad. Check your battery, if the battery is not the issue, return the alternator, it should have a warranty on it for at least the first 30 days.

What does it mean if your 93 Pontiac Sunbird le runs fine for about a week and then fries your battery?

Check the voltage level from the alternator. Overvoltage is about the only thing that can "fry" a battery. If the voltage is much above 14.5 V, the regulator INSIDE the alternator has failed. The only choice is to replace the alternator.

How does a car break the alternator bracket. I have a 1995 Chevy Astro Van and it has broken the alternator bracket twice in about a week or 2. I replaced it and it broke again. How does this happen?

do you mean the aluminum bracket holding the alternator broke at the bolt holes? do you know that there should be a steel bracket BEHIND the alternator also? when engine usually replaced, sometimes this steel bracket is not replaced and instead a shorter bolt is used to fasten alternator (3 bolts) to aluminum bracket. there should be a longer bolt which goes from the front of the alternator on the left side, thru the alternator and thru that steel bracket and into part of engine?? this part not clearly understood as explained to me by mechanic husband. he had the same problem and corrected when bracket kit purchased from local Chevy dealer; about $197 in Hawaii. hope this bit helps...

Replaced both the alternator purchased rebuilt and fuses in 1993 Ford Escort LX 1.9L last week It worked for a week fuses blew again and it is back to only jump starting again What now?

short in electorical system

When you Replaced serpentine belt on a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 car now will not start?

if you alternator was locked up .it caused it to jump time. my car done the same thing last week ,now i have to re time it.

I put a brand new alternator and battery into a 1992 volkswagen cabriolet. it worked for about a week and now the battery will barely charge and the battery keeps dying. what might be the problem?

I also have had trouble with my battery and alternator with my 92 Cabriolet. If the car sits for a couple of days the battery will be so dead the car won't start. I have replaced both parts more than once with no change. I don't have an answer for you but wonder if there is some problem with this year of the Cabriolet.I have an 83 Cabriolet that has the same issues. My alternator is fine, it's been replaced twice and checked 3 times so it's not the alternator itself. Check the wiring, especially grounds, it's a good idea to replace them if they are originals, they easily could be the culprits. Also it might very well be the voltage regulator, if it's not working the way it should it can mess up the juice going into your alternator making it dysfunctional. Check fuses and relays too. All of these are pretty cheap to fix and aren't hard to do yourself. Go to Autozone and have them test your alternator, it's a very good way to finding if something going to your alternator is not working properly.

What would cause the alternator belt to shred on a 96 Nissan 240sx it was replaced a week ago?

Something near the belt path, check to see if there are any loose covers touching. Something will have marks from the old belt rubbing it

Two weeks after you have your alternator replaced why would the battery light come on then the anti-lock brakes and seatbelt lights?

when you replace the alternater you need to replace the battery There is a moderate rate of defective new or rebuilt alternators and voltage regulators. This can be as much as on in 20 to one in 15. I mention voltage regulators because often later cars have the voltage regulator built into the alternator. I replaced a bum alternator with a rebuilt one, only to find that a week later my battery was low. I replaced the old battery, and all was well for three weeks, when my new battery ran down. Monitoring the battery voltage when the car was running told the tale. The alternator/regulator was only holding the battery up at 13.2V while idling, not the 14V minimum that the service manual specified. Back to the shop for another unit!

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Alternator replaced 2 months ago the battery replaced last week voltage is fluctuating in vehicle what could be the problem?

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The dealer security system maybe the root cause of your problems. If the security key is broken, it will shut the gas pump off for will need to replace the on-board engine computer.

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How do you replace the alternator on a 2000 Ford Focus?

Here is a better way. Instead of removing the engine mount, just slide the fan housing (holds the two electric fans) out of the way. You only have to thumb the two top clips open (no tools required), then lift the housing from its lower supports and slide it several inches away from the alternator (really easy to do). This allows plenty of clearance to remove the alternator and replace it. I changed out the alternator on our 2000 Focus in under an hour. Just replaced mine last week. The hardest part is once the alternator has been disconnected from all its mechanical and electrical connections. It won't come out unless the passenger side engine mount is unbolted ( 3 bolts, 19 mm I think ) and the engine is pried forwards. Once this was done, it was pretty easy. Don't forget to remove the negative battery terminal before starting.

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