Why is your boyfriend ignoring you?

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maybe hes hidin somethin from you

maymbe he likes another girl and doesnt want to to talk to u anymore maybe

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How do you get your boyfriend to stop ignoring you?

well...first....you ask him why he's ignoring you...

How do you get your boyfriend to stop ignoring you once your together?

If he s ignoring you, it's time to move on and find yourself other boyfriend.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is ignoring you?

probally if there not going out of there way to talk to you.

Friend ignoring you?

well if she's ignoring youmaybe she's going through a phase were she's only atracted to the boyfriend.

What should you do if your boyfriend keeps ignoring you?

either impress him or brake up with him

Why is boyfriend ignoring texts?

He doesn't want to talk to you so stop.

What can you do when your boyfriend doesn't talk to you?

When your boyfriend is ignoring you it is not a good sign. Talk to him when no one is around, but don't sound desperate.

You want your boyfriend back but he is ignoring you?

If he is ignoring you then you too ignore him. Show him that you can be happy without him. if he really cares he will come back.

What do you do if your boyfriend is ignoring your phone calls?

Find some way of getting a hold of him and talk to him about it.

What do i do if my boyfriend is ignoring me and i dont know why?

Try to talk to him and find out the real reason or move on

Is it bad when your boyfriend is ignoring you?

yes it means he probably doesnt want to talk to you /wants ot break up and is hoping that you do it first. or he may not be ignoring you , you may just be paranoid

How do you get your boyfriend to talk to you after accidentally going off on him when he was ignoring you in front of his friend?

It'll blow over. Keep in mind: Your boyfriend shouldn't have ignored you in the first place.

What to do with a boyfriend if he keep ignoring me?

if he keeps ignoring u then txt him asking wats up then get his mates to get him to follow them as somin bad has happend to one of their siblings then instaed it will be u tht way he cant leave if the mates are blocking the way and try to get him to talk or just turn up on his doorstep lol

How can you tell if your boyfriend going to break up with you?

he is talking to diffrent girls and ignoring and walks away when you come around

How do you get hold of your boyfriend if he's ignoring your calls and texts?

Chuck a rock with a note attached to it through is bedroom window

Is it normal if your boyfriend hasn't called you in a week or is he just ignoring you and does he not care much anymore?

If your boyfriend is ignoring you, then ignore him back..show him that you don't care, and you can have fun without him..guys hate that..once you start acting like you don't care, then he will realize he will loose you if he don't start acting right...

If you and your Boyfriend had a fight and haven't talked in 5 days?

Get on the phone to him & work out where you stand with him. No point ignoring him.. life is too short (:

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesn't answer his cell phone?

He is either ill or has found an new girl and is now ignoring you. You need to find out which.

Why is my long distance relationship boyfriend ignoring me?

Maybe he is frustrated with having to deal with a long distance relationship. Visit him. That will change his mind.

How do you kown if your boyfriend is a liar?

Very simple. If he can't look at you in the eyes, if he changes the subject, if he seems nervous or not himself, or if he is ignoring you he may be lying.

What should a girl do if her boyfriend is ignoring her?

keep calling him until he picks up, try to make him jealous. talk to another guy. Payback

What does it mean when your boyfriend never calls you back?

Usually its because they are busy or doing something else, unless you did something to irritate them, then they might be ignoring you.

What is it to if your boyfriend prioritizes DOTA than YOU?

It just means that your boyfriend prioritizes his friends over you. But if you want your relationship to work, you'll need to give him his space too. He will not always be at your beck and call. However, if your boyfriend is completely ignoring you and everything else in his life, then you know something's wrong.

How do you keep in touch with your ex boyfriend if he is ignoring you?

just leave him alone cant you see he dont want to know anythinng about you just move on with your life

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