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Green fluid leaking from a car is radiator fluid. "A professional certified mechanic can handle the repair or maintenance needed to fix this issue."

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Q: Why is your car leaking green fluid?
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What is the yellow green fluid leaking from your car?


How do you know What is leaking is antifreeze?

It's the only green fluid in a car.

What is the green fluid leaking from front of my car?

Anti freeze. You need to get that fixed. and fast. Check your coolant fluid levels.

How to tell if a car radiator is leaking?

If a leak exists, there should be green or red fluid leaking from just under the nose of the car. It is possible that the engine must be running for the leaking to occur, but this is not always the case.

What does it mean when green fluid is leaking from your vehicle?

Antifreeze is green in color and is leaking from your radiator .

What is all that fluid that is leaking from that thingy dingy after my car smashed into a hydro pole?

Probably your radiator fluid leaking out.

What is red fluid leaking from your car?

sounds like transmisstion fluid or power steering.

Mazda MPV leaking yellow fluid?

If a Mazda MPV is leaking yellow fluid then it is possible that the fluid is brake fluid. It is best to take the car to a mechanic right away.

Have a reddish fluid leaking from car What could it be?

Break fluid is a possibility.... Do not use the car until a qualified mechanic has checked it out.

What do you do if your car is leaking purple fluid?

It is probably Radiator fluid that's leaking. if you have red radiator fluid. it looks purple when it heats up. I had this from my Toyota Sequoia when the leak went over the hot engine.

What is the neon green fluid leaking from your Honda?


RedPink fluid leaking from the front of your car seems to be small drops Is this power steering fluid or trans fluid your car is an automatic?

It's probably tranny fluid, Power steering fluid is usually clear.

How do you fix your car if it is leaking antifreeze and power steering fluid?

You really have to just find out where it is leaking and what it will take to repair it. GoodluckJoe

What kind of red liquid could be leaking of out my car?

Red liquid is usually transmission fluid. transmission fluid

What is a sentence using the word fluid?

Mike didn't know what type of fluid was leaking from his car, but he was sure it was trouble.

What does it mean if Car is leaking fluid and steaming?

if car is leaking fluid , it has a leak a leak and steaming indicates it is engine coolant and the engine is over heating find the leak and fix it before your trash your engine

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 2006 Pontiac Torrent?

Many transmissions these days do not have a dipstick anymore. If it is not leaking fluid, it isn't low. If it is leaking fluid, take it to a garage. There are ways to check the fluid level but you need to lift the car.

Why is your 99 intrigue leaking power steering fluid?

There could be many causes to a car leaking power steering fluid. There could be a hole in the reservoir, or the seals could be worn or broken.

What does it mean when your car is leaking transmission fluid and rattling?

means get it to a repair shop

Can the power steering make your car smoke on a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron GTC?

Yes, if the fluid is leaking on the exhaust or the belt is slipping badly.Yes, if the fluid is leaking on the exhaust or the belt is slipping badly.

How do i use fluid in a sentence?

There's some kind of fluid leaking out of your car's engine. The player bypassed the defenders by using a fluid motion.

MY car a 2003 dodge neon sometimes over heating is it because its leaking transmission in the radiator?

If it is leaking trans fluid into the coolant it can cause overheating.

Green fluid near transmission vl leaking?

green fluid is engine coolant. as this is showing up near the transmission this could be leaking from the head gasket or from a freeze plug. you will just have to trace back where it is coming from remember there are freeze plugs behind transmission which are not viible while transmission is in vehicle

What does leaking transmission fluid look like?

purple or green and shiny Usually red.

How do you fix your car if it is leaking antifreeze and transmission fluid?

check your radiator hoses and change gaskets

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What is the green fluid leaking from front of my car?

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