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Did you have the front tires balanced and did you get the front end aligned??

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I just had my shocks replaced on a 1998 Chevy Z71 and now the front end rattles over the smallest of bumps Any ideas why?

If the front end is rattling after shocks were replaced on a 1998 Chevy Z71, it could be possible that a bolt was left in the wheel well behind the hubcap. It is also possible that not all of the bolts were tightened down securely.

To what torque must the bolts on the head of a 2000 Hyundai accent be tightened?

to what torque must the bolts on the head of a 2000 Hyundai accent be tightened?

What is the order of tighten of the head bolts?

Head bolts should be tightened most of the way in a star-shaped pattern. Bolts should then be tightened completely following the same pattern as the first tightening.

How do you replace the alternator belt for a 1994 eclipse?

The alternator belt on a 1994 Eclipse is replaced by loosening the alternator bolts, moving the alternator downward, and slipping the belt off. A new belt is then routed around the other accessories, placed on the alternator, and the bolts tightened.

Why does your my buick regal 96 oil pan leak replaced 3 times?

i think maybe you over tightened the bolts you are suppose to torque them to specific pressure or pan will warp and not seal right

How do you tighten belt the power steering on a vectra 1.8?

The power steering belt on a Vectra 1.8 can be tightened by loosening the alternator bolts and using a pry bar to apply tension. The bolts can then be tightened to maintain the tension.

Why will transmissions bolts back out of a automatic 83 Chevy truck?

They were not tightened properly.

What is suspension bridges weakness?

Rust or weak bolts.

What would cause rattling under the hood?

Rattling under the hood can be something easy to fix to something bad. It could be loose bolts, bearings, pulleys, or it could be interior in the motor.

My car Sounds like chains rattling when you hit a bump?

shock absorber or strut loose bolts

Why does the bolts of the bracket that holds the power steering pump in place breaks for a 1989 Chevy astro van?

either the bolts are loose, bolts are not number 8 bolts, or the belt is to tight and out of alignment [ADDED] Another possibility is that they were removed and replaced at some time, but over-tightened so over-stressing them. A too-tight belt may or may not affect the bolts, but it will shorten the lives of not only itself, but also the bearings on all the shafts it drives.

Do you use lock tight oh head bolts 2000 grand am?

You dont need to as long as bolts are tightened in the correct order and torqued to the correct fps.

At what torque must the Intake Manifold Bolts be tightened to on a Honda passport 97?

18 ft lbs

Advantages of the bolt and nut over the use of rivets?

Bolts can be placed in cold. This is easier and safer and less time consuming. Bolts can be undone. Bolts can be tightened to a certain torque so that you know what stress it is applying.

What is the torque for cylinder head bolts on a Skoda favorite 1995?

According the the Haynes Manual (No. 1801, Skoda Favorit 1989-1996) the bolts should be tightened to between 17 and 20 Nm. Once all are tightened to this torque they should then be tightened a quarter turn each, and then another quarter turn each. The manual also quotes a torque of 20-23Nm for the cylinder head nuts.

What are the mechanics in soccer?

The mechanics of football are simple. You need to turn the gears and make sure the bolts are tightened properly.

Why does scooter make a rattling noise?

its because you must have something lose on your scooter try tightening all the bolts and stuff.

Torque Specifications 1.9 L Ford 1995 Escort Connecting Rods and Head Bolts?

Head bolts are 44 psi tightened 3 times in the proper pattern

Why would the bolts that hold the power steering pump in place break?

most likely they were not properly tightened at some point

How do you adjust doors on Chevy trucks silverado1984?

The doors on a 1984 Chevy Silverado truck are adjusted by first loosening the retaining bolts. The door is then shifted into the desired position and the bolts re-tightened.

What is causing your rear suspension to rattle in your Mazda 626?

The rattle could be caused by loose bolts or worn suspension parts. The rear suspension should be checked to insure that no parts are close to breaking.

At what torque must the Intake Manifold Bolts be tightened to on a 1992 Chevy 350?

35 Ft Lbs 35 Ft Lbs

Should nuts and bolts be tightened before using a torque wrench?

Yes, they should be as tight as you can get with a 6 inch long wrench

Does head bolts have to be replaced after replacing head gasket on 1990 Honda accord?

Yes, replace the head bolts.

Is it possible for all the suspension bolts on a vauxhall astra to come loose at once?