Why is your cat drooling?

  • Some cats love their owners and it is a sign of affection if they rub and some cats may drool which is not a sign of anything being wrong with them, but just their particular personality. It's a form of affection. Like humans, cats can have more saliva than others.
  • I also have a cat who I have had since he was a kitten and he is now 13 years old. He drools a lot when he purrs as he gives affection. It is hilarious, sweet and sometimes a little disgusting but we love him, drool and all. I notice that when he purrs he keeps his mouth open slightly and doesn't seem to swallow the saliva. I believe that is why he is "sharing" with the rest of us.
  • We also have a cat that drools when cuddling, but if your cat does not normally drool under these circumstances and is drooling at other times there are several causes. Some are minor but others are not. See what your cat has been eating - ours occasionally chomp a slug, which is relatively harmless, but a huge drool producer. Other items are not so harmless. Check with your vet if the drooling lasts more than a day.