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You should see a doctor about that.

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Q: Why is your cat suddenly losing hair above her eyes and has sores?
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Why does a dog have whiskas above his eyes?

the "whiskas" above his eyes are his eyebrows.

Are there any animals that have their mouths above their eyes?

NO there is no animal that have their mouth above their eyes

Can cold sores be spread?

Yes; cold sores can be spread. If at all possible, refrain from touching it for 21 days so not to infect the eyes or other places on your body.

When the light suddenly falls on the eye you close your eyes why?


What happens when bright light is suddenly shone into the eyes?

Your mother.

What does eye locking mean?

It means that your eyes are wandering, and suddenly your eyes meet up with another persons.

What do eyes suddenly experience when bright light is exposed?

The eyes immediately constrict; This is called photopupillary reflex

What is the name of the bone above the eyes?

The frontal bone forms the forehead and so is above the eyes.

Why are your cats eyes suddenly cloudy?

A cat can have a sudden change in the eyes that appear as cloudy due to cataract in the lens.

Can you get cold sores on your chin?

Yes, unfortunately cold sores can manifest on the chin. They can occur pretty much anywhere around the mouth, eyes, and nose. Additionally, cold sores, because they are the herpes virus, can be spread from those areas to the genitals and anus as well.

Eyes suddenly exposed to bright light experience?

photopupillary reflex

What would cause your eyes to cross suddenly?

if a bee landed on your nose.

Do penguins have an organ above their eyes?

Yes penguins have an organ above their eyes that changes seawater to freshwater.

What is above your eyes?

Eyebrows and eyelashes are above your eye.

Rabbit losing hair around her eyes what causes this?

my baby rabbit is losing hair only on the bottom of his eyes looks like a bite i have him with another bunnie he is older i want to know what is happening.

Why do cats have whiskers above their eyes?

They are just like the whiskers next to their nose they just grow above there eyes.

Can you have cold sores on your nose?

Not very likely. The herpes virus that causes cold sores "hides" in nerves and there are very few nerves in the nose area of the face compared to the mouth area.

Can you get cold sores in both eyes?

Yes it's possible, oral herpes is a cause of occular (eye) herpes.

Where are your eyes?

Your eyes are on your head. Below your eye brows and above your nose.

Where eyes are found?

above your nose.

Where do horses have their eyes?

above their nose

Do penguins have organs above there eyes?

Yes, penguins have organs above their eyes. It allows salt water to be converted into fresh water.

How do you know when a chicken is dying?

It is closing its eyes,i t is weak and it is losing its balance.

Why do you blink your eyes when they are exposed to bright light suddenly?

The iris controls the amount of light entering the eyes through pupil. When the surrounding is extremely bright, the iris contracts the size of pupil. This decreases the amount of light entering the eye. This is why when we are suddenly exposed to bright light, the eyes blink and in meanwhile, the iris contracts.

What simile can you do for eyes?

Her eyes sparkled like diamonds. His eyes were dark as coal. She had blue eyes like a pool. Her eyes sparkled like the stars above.