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Q: Why is your desktop not letting you sign into ooVoo?
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How do you signout of oovoo?

On oovoo, click oovoo. Then click file, then at the bottom of that, is sign out.

Sign up in ooVoo?

spell check

How do you sign out of ooVoo?

Click file then you should see an option that says 'sign out'

How do you dowload ooVoo?

go to then type your user id and password. then click delete oovoo. or just go to your oovoo sign in page and click delete.

Why cant you sign into ooVoo?

possibly incorrect password or ID. Or maybe if you have a antivirus ooVoo may be on the threat list

How do you sign up for an ooVoo on the iPod?

Just download the app and click sign up

How do you logout on ooVoo?

You go to the side & by your picture & it say sign-out !

How do you log out of your ooVoo account if you have mac?

Just go tot the top off your page, click on oovoo then at the bottom it will say sign out, press that then you will be signed out.

How can you uninstall ooVoo?

How to remove ooVoo software from my PC or Mac? 1. Remove from Windows: XP: START/CONTROL PANEL/ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS/ scroll down and select ooVoo/ Then click REMOVE/ A confirmation message will appear and by clicking 'Yes' the uninstall process will start. Vista or Windows 7: START/CONTROL PANEL/ PROGRAMS AND FEATURES/ select ooVoo / UNINSTALL/2. Select ooVoo and click Remove'. A confirmation message will appear and by clicking 'Yes' the uninstall process will start. 2. Remove from Mac: Go to HD/APPLICATIONS/drag ooVoo to the trash. Also drag the ooVoo Installer on the desktop to the trash. Note: Uninstalling ooVoo will not remove your ooVoo ID from the database so you will be able to sign into ooVoo without creating a new account the next time you install or use ooVoo. You can also use your ID from your Android or iOS device.

How do you log out of ooVoo?

to lod off of oovoo you have to go 2 the top of the oovoo page and click on it.once you do that all u hav 2 do is click on sign out at the bottom.hope this helped thxs guys bye make sure 2 add me on oovoo Mia Guerrera

Can you use ooVoo on the new ipod touch?

No, Although in the beginning of March, IOS service was brought to oovoo. Oovoo for iPod touch, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 will come out In April. It will be free. Please go to That Way You can sign up and be notified when oovoo is out.

What do you do if you sign on to ooVoo and it doesn't show any of your friends online or offline?

having the same problem have come to realize that oovoo is garbage skype is way better

How do you create an ooVoo account on iPod touch?

When u download oovoo then it says register/sign up or log in and u press register/sign up and then u just have to create an account with ur email/stuff

Why is sketchfu not letting you sign up?

The reason ehy sketchfu is not letting you sign p is because there are way to many people on sketchfu.

Do you have a oovoo?

Yes, I do have ooVoo!

Does Caitlin beadles have ooVoo?

yes she does its a pic of her wid her holding a heart sign in a yellow shirt kind of

What is better ooVoo or Skype?


How do you make ooVoo?

How can i make a oovoo

Who is the maker of ooVoo?

ooVoo LLC

Can you get ooVoo on a MacBook Air?

ooVoo for Macs can be downloaded from the ooVoo web site.

How do you download ooVoo without usinthe ooVoo website?

You have to use the oovoo website

Can you get ooVoo on your ps3?

can u get a oovoo on ps3

How do you make a ooVoo account?

make my oovoo?

How do you reset your ooVoo settings?

how to reset your oovoo

Does tyga have an ooVoo?

Yes but what is his oovoo number