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Before birth, the dog had puppies in it's tummy, so she had to accumulate extra blood for them. But after she gives birth, she doesn't need the extra blood anymore, so she gets rid of it by bleeding.

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Q: Why is your dog bleeding after giving birth?
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What is happening when a female dog is bleeding after giving birth?


What if your dog is still bleeding 2 weeks after giving birth?

That is completely normal.

Is it okay for my dog to start bleeding after givin birth two month ago?

No, it is not typically okay for your dog to start bleeding after giving birth two months ago. The only time it is fine for the dog to bleed is if she is in heat.

What if your dog is still bleeding after more than 7 weeks from giving birth?

you take out the needle and threed

Why is our dog bleeding 4 weeks after giving birth?

It is possible that she has an internal injury, you want to get her to a vet as soon as possible.

When does a dog stop bleeding after giving birth?

It's common for a dog to bleed for weeks after giving birth as her uterus contracts and she goes back to normal. As long as all the placenta's were accounted for and there is no foul odor, everything is normal. That said, a dog that has given birth should be examined by a vet within 24 hours.

What should you do if your dog bleeds after giving birth to puppies?

Take it to a vet immediately. If the bleeding does not stop it will die and then you will lose the puppies too.

When does bleeding after dog birth stop?

It depends what type of dog

Another name for a dog giving birth?

The process of a female dog giving birth is called whelping.

What could be the problem if dog is still bleeding a week after giving birth?

Get the dog to a vet as soon as possible! She could be bleeding out causing organ failure or death. In the meantime though keep the bleeding area free of debris with gauze and make sure it does NOT get infected.

Is it normal for a dog to begin bleeding after 6 weeks of giving birth?

it does happen so ccertain larger dog breeds. but if you are seriously concerned i would contact the local vet

What is wrong with dog who is still bleeding 6 weeks after giving birth to a litter of seven puppies?

Nothing is really wrong, actually my dog bled for about 8-9 weeks after giving birth to a litter of eight. I think that if she is still bleeding 9-12 weeks after she should be taken to a vet jus to make sure every thing is alright with her body.

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